August 10, 2009


Sean and I have been watching a lot of movies recently. Near Bloor and Bathurst is a great place called Bloor Cinema which screens films new and old. Last night we did a marathon of three movies in a row: Lymelife, Alien and Aliens. Just before the third movie Sean offered to go outside and pick up some juice and popcorn. There's a small little juice place right beside the box office to the theatre that has juice that you can customize. It's typically $2.99 for two fruits or veggies and then 50 cents for each additional item. Last night Sean got a banana milkshake and I went with another orange-ginger juice. This time though, there was even ginger to burn the back of my throat and so, instead of throwing it out or letting Sean finish it (which is what I typically do if I don't like something), I brought it home to enjoy the next day.
And that's exactly what I did this morning. I added a few peaches (from Ontario!) and some leftover watermelon and cantaloupe. What I ended up with was this orange-y goodness:There was lots of orange pulp and a bit of peach pulp that I wish I had strained out of my juice but oh well, it was too delicious to wait to strain through a tiny sieve.

And while I was cutting up my watermelon and cantaloupe, I ended up prepping some other fruits so this afternoon I will have fruit ready for the juicer. It's actual quite a good idea; just cut up a bunch of fruits and vegetables, place in bowl in fridge and juice whenever you feel like it. Brillant!

Despite my hate-on for the Magic Bullet, it has been getting a lot of use lately. I even neglected to discuss my mango soup!I put it in a glass because it's not as fun to photograph something in a white ceramic bowl. Mmm...delicious...
And just for some more juicing fun, this one includes baby romaine lettuce and a bunch of other fresh produce that I can't think of.
Look at the pretty colours:
Here's the result of the fruits I kept for the next morning.Who says you can't take your juice to work with you!
I woke up too late to take juice to work this morning so I ended up making a mega juice this afternoon after work. I juiced some watermelon, 1/2 peach, 1/2 nectarine, a few strawberries, a knob of ginger, 1/4 lime and I think that's it. It was good but I've decided that I'm not a fan of peaches or nectarines in juice. I'd rather stick to the cantaloupe, watermelons and ginger. The lime was also a nice addition. I think that watermelon and lime is actually my new fave combo. Too bad we're completely out of watermelons now though. Oh well...a trip to the grocery store is in the cards.

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