August 24, 2009


And somebody likes me! Somebody really likes me. Enough to buy me a Breville juicer! And no, it wasn't Sean though I probably could have convinced him if my dad had not bought me the juicer first.

Yep, that's're reading the blog of someone who owns the Breville 800JEXL. And because it's so large and I can't get a decent photo of it without all kinds of random crap in the background, here's a link to its beauty.

I love it.

It juices carrots, people! Whole freaking carrots! I dare you to try that in your Magic Bullet. So yes, the Magic Bullet has taken a backseat to my lovely Breville. I hope it's not surprised. I mean, the MB can't get near the 1000-watt power of the Brev.

I've been juicing up a storm ever since we got the Brev. My dad even stocked up on a ridiculous amount of fruit for me to juice. We've now got melons, apples, pears, more limes and lemons than I've ever seen in one place other than a grocery store and even some cucumbers!

I actually got the Breville last Thursday but came home really late so I didn't get the chance to start juicing until the next day after work. Here's a plethora of photos of my juicing:Look at how ridiculously pretty that is. How could you not want to drink the whole thing? This juice consisted of pink lady apples, pears and some other stuff I can't remember anymore. I actually kind of scared to be the first one to juice (it's noisier than you think it'll be), so my dad started things off.
Here it is in a glass by the window in sunlight. Not as pretty pink but still delicious! For the second round of juicing I thought I'd take a pic of what I was juicing:So this photo shouldn't be vertical but's got oranges, apples, golden plums, mini carrots and pears hidden at the bottom.

And here it is in a pitcher (the Magic Bullet juicing container to be exact, hahaha):

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