August 30, 2009


I've decided to be a big girl and work my full 12-hour shift tomorrow. The good news is that I'll have someone else there (for 11 hours of 12 hour shift) who can cover my post while I'm on break so I don't have to worry about being called out to help a customer. The bad news is that Mondays are notoriously busy at the post office.

In any case, I've somehow decided that my sickness was due to the lack of fresh, healthy foods I had been eating for the past few days before getting sick. I wasn't juicing and was barely getting any fresh fruits or veggies, save for a few figs on a pita.

This week I've decided to challenge myself by only a) eating stuff I, or my family prepares, so that I know exactly what is going into my body and b) not buying anything to eat. Nothing, nada. Not even a tea from Starbucks. I kind of overdid it last week and I'm supposed to be saving money. I'm also going to try and finish off the stuff I have in my personal fridge including a pint of organic figs that I bought from Whole Foods on Thursday.

Anyhoo, here are my eats for tomorrow:My breakfast will consist of a Pita Break Breakfast Muesli pita with my banana-almond-butter concoction along with some cacao nibs on top for crunch. I've never had this combo before but I'm assuming it'll taste good. I hope so. It'll have to do me for 2.5 hours.

Lunch will consist of pasta made by my brother, which apparently I forgot to take a photo of. He made macaroni with canned salmon, tomatoes and onions. No biggie as I've eaten this meal a thousand times before so I know that if I get sick, it won't be from this meal.

Dinner with be a big salad of mixed greens, random pieces of arugula, peaches, ham (from Whole Foods--no nitrates!), Cheeseheads and cucumber.
I'll also have this Summer Fresh Snack 'n Go kit containing a small thing of hummus and some flatbread. My mom received this from someone who received it from people handing it on the street as a sample. I know that sounds funny but it looks all right and the best before date isn't until October. I'm not a huge fan of hummus only because my IBS tends to act up with chickpeas but we'll see how this small portion acts out on my stomach, if at all. The kit looks good as it contains all ingredients I can pronounce and nothing really sketchy. A+ so far. We'll see how it tastes tomorrow.

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