August 6, 2009


Having completely recovered from the (swine) flu, I still have not been able to consume the same amount of food I was used to prior to the flu. It's a good thing but also a bad thing as many who know me well, know that I like to eat lots of different things all at once. The idea of me eating small things on a fairly regular basis is something I've always tried to accomplish, but never with this minute amount of food. Oh well.

There has been lots of awesome food consumed since my return from New York City. I'm actually extremely glad to have gone and come back since it's seemed to re-energize me with the whole idea of cooking and eating again.

Here's a sampling of what I've been eating over the last little while:

Homemade apple and peach crisp:
Homemade berry oat bars:
Sadly that's about all the baking I've been doing in weeks. Jessie and I haven't had the chance to bake together in quite a while now--mostly due to our conflicting schedules. Those berry oat bars are fantastic. I made a batch specifically for Sean's mom (she absolutely loves them) but I decided to half the batch (one half for my family, the second for Sean's mom). I ended up making the peach crisp at the same time as the oat bars which was a bit of a multi-tasking nightmare considering that my dad was making dinner at the same time. It was the first time I had made any kind of crisp and believe me, I will definitely be making that again. I was running out of peaches though and added a couple of Gala apples which made the crisp extra tasty. Even though it was quite warm outside, I just couldn't wait for the crisp to cool down before giving it a taste. It gets a big thumbs-up from me.

Lunch the next day was leftover honey and garlic chicken wings, salad and some apple and peach crisp:Breakfast the next day consisted of this:which was delicious but not terribly interesting. It's just a whole wheat english muffin with homemade hummus, guacamole and arugula.

I can taste the next thing even if I just think about. I think it's because I'm obsessive when it comes to prosciutto. It's actually a miracle that I've gone almost two weeks without prosciutto. That's mostly due to the fact that the supermarkets near me don't carry prosciutto and I usually only buy it if I'm in the fancy markets (not near my house) or at the Whole Foods (which is all the way downtown). This is a whole wheat english muffin with prosciutto, guacamole and arugula. *drooling* Along with that sandwich of delicious, I had a salad of spinach and more arugula and plums for snacks. The golden plums were bought from a farmer's first visit of the year, yay!

Food just increased with yummy flavour come August. Here was my breakfast for the first day of August, a Pita Break breakfast museli pita with guacamole and arugula along with a handful of just-before-ripe blueberries. (Those pitas are seriously something to savour. I bought a package of 6 and probably ate half of them plain, just a little bit toasted.)
The following was lunch, which consisted of Creole-dressed iceberg lettuce, with some fresh corn and a pork cutlet sandwich. My dad makes the best pork cutlets ever. Breakfast on Sunday, before my 7-hour shift at work was this:
a Breakfast Muesli pita with guacamole, arugula and an egg that I cooked in the microwave. 45 seconds is perfect for a pretty weak microwave. When I tried to do the same thing at home using our newer, bigger microwave, the yolk blew up making a big mess of an egg.

Barely a week into August and my tastebuds are looking forward to what the rest of the month will bring. Hopefully I will get a chance to peruse the higher-end market for more yummy pita breads and organic produce.

I will say that the lack of prosciutto has resulted in a lack of migraines and I'm not sure whether the two are directly linked, but for the next couple of weeks I'm going to lay off the cured ham and see what happens.

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