August 8, 2009


No, I ain't talking about Campbell's soup today. I honestly haven't had that canned garbage in at least five years, though I do find myself sometimes craving the cream of mushroom with pasta variety but I know all hell breaks loose in my stomach if I do consume that crap. No, today...we're talking about meals! A lunch and a dinner to be exact.

Normally I don't post food photos from home. It's typically because a) my dad usually cooks dinner and therefore it is not pretty and b) it doesn't usually stick to my regular diet (most of the time anyway). But anyway, my return from New York has inspired me with this: which consisted of an omelette with leftover slices of beef and spinach, whole grain toast and cucumber yogurt soup.

Close-up of soup:
And here's a dinner that my dad made:which consisted of baked salmon with lemon, white rice (oops!), fresh beet salad (my fave!) and some kind of Chinese veg I can't remember the name of. In Creole it's something about flutes because the stem of the plant is hollow and you can blow into it like a flute. (The Creole language is funny. Stories behind the names is one of the reasons I like it.) And on the side, I had more cucumber yogurt soup:
It was a very satisfying meal and in the end, I couldn't finish off all the salmon or rice. I ate about half of each before I was just too full.

And today's lunch is this in all its glory:which is Catelli Smart spaghetti with zucchini, tomatoes and mushrooms with a generous shaving of parmesan. I forgot the only reason to look forward to the summer: fresh produce.

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