July 27, 2009


Our flight to New York only took a little over an hour, but we had the smallest plane you could ever imagine. I'm used to giant planes with hundreds of people crossing the ocean into Europe. This plane however, well it carried a maximum of 39 people not including the pilot and airline stewardess. I was scared, very scared. I don't like being in planes to begin with and now Sean wants me to go into the world's tiniest plane ever?!

Here Sean and I are waiting at the gate:
Here's the inside of our plane. Notice the single row on the left-hand side and the double seats on the right. Now multiply that by 13 and that's the maximum number of passengers allowed on the plane. As you can probably tell, it wasn't a full flight that morning.

Sean's face of excitement:My face of excitement. I look super happy despite being terrified that we were going to die.
Quatchi managed to stow away in my carry-on for the trip to New York. What a cheeky bugger!Good thing he's small enough to sit on my tray.
We purchased week-long transit passes which really helped us out during our stay. Too bad the first machine we used ate $30 of my money. Now I have to wait 15 business days before NYC sends me a cheque for my missing money. We took our first trip to the Washington Park area.

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