July 26, 2009


This is day one of our trip to New York City. I had never been and Sean had only been once before, I think. It was a very last-minute trip but we got an awesome deal via RedFlagDeals for airfare and hotel at a super swanky hotel in Manhattan. Here are some shots of our hotel room.

Quatchi on the super, amazing, comfortable bed with the most amazing pillows ever:
One of the side bed tables:The closet that lights up when you open it, complete with iron and ironing board:The chaise lounge with many fluffy cushions:
Here's a 3-parter of the desk area:
Here's a shot of the flatscreen TV, complete with Sean's name on the screen!
Here's the bathroom sink/counter area. It has a fancy sink...it's a translucent orange-y bowl. It even has a vanity mirror that lights up:And a close-up of the fancy sink:Next up is the toilet, which is shaped like the one I have at home but cooler-looking. There's even a phone in the washroom--next to the toilet, no less. That was a bit weird. And last, but not least, we have the best robes ever. We could have taken these home. In fact, the Essex House even urged us to take them home--except that they'd bill us $100. For each robe!And did you know that you can actually purchase things from a desk drawer? Here are your selections:But be careful, because those candies and chocolate-covered what-have-yous, will cost you at least $12US.

I've only stayed in two hotels really and this was the best. It's definitely going to be the hardest to beat in terms of quality of bed, shower, pillows, blankets, towels and other amenities as well as wait staff. There's even a spa and it was on the floor that we were staying on but trust, it was ridiculously expensive. A one-hour massage was $160US!

Essex House, I love you and miss you already.


Jessie said...

That is one swanky hotel!! Looks damn good! If I go, I want to be able to afford that!

Dominique said...

Trust me, you totally can!

Sean got an awesome deal on Red Flag Deals for $700 including airfare, hotel for 4 nights, taxes and a shuttle to/from the airport. The shuttle wasn't worth it but it was only $35 extra.