July 9, 2009


I cheated a little bit and went out with Sean this morning. I had just about had it with staying home and on the promise that I wouldn't get him sick (hahaha), he picked me up after work today and we had the best morning at Tim Hortons and in the parking lot. The weather is absolutely glorious today and I'm glad I got to spend a part of it outside. I actually think that the fresh air did me some good because I've barely coughed all day.

(Right now the house smells like meat and it's making me want to throw up. Not that I'm a vegetarian or anything like that, but sometimes the smell of meat cooking, especially if it's stewing in the pressure cooker, makes me want to throw up.)

Anyway, it had been a week since I had seen Sean and of course I had completely forgotten what he looks like--this happens often when I don't see him for a while...I can picture his features but not all together as part of his face. We ended up wearing matching sweaters. I was wearing a light, yellow sweater from Old Navy with horizontal yellow and light yellow stripes while Sean showed up wearing a yellow zip-up hoodie with yellow and thin blue stripes. Not our finest moment but it was good times. Maybe the uber yellow did put me in a happy mood.

Here's my dinner from last night:A strawberry banana smoothie made from unsweetened almond milk (what was I thinking??), several picked-from-the-farm berries, a banana and some ice crubes (a spelling mistake but I like it).

And a plate of Catelli Smart rotini with dad's homemade tomato sauce--without the fish that accompanied the sauce. On the side is a simple cucumber and yogurt salad. Tres delicious but as always, I made too much pasta.

Sean's going away to some place in Montreal called Lake Memphremagog with his dad and friend this weekend, which means that I'll be alone for four days. NOT! This Saturday is my friend Clarissa's birthday lunch. We're going to Pangaea for their Summerlicious menu, which can be found here. I think I'm going with the gazpacho salad, lamb and Niagara shortcake via process of elimination. Summerlicious, for those of you not in the know, is a limited-time offer in which restaurants in the GTA offer a prix-fixe menu of $15-45. It's a great way to get a taste of a restaurant that you might not otherwise be able to afford (Canoe, I'm looking right at you.) Sean and I have been to a couple of restaurants in the past during Summerlicious or Winterlicious (winter-season) and neither time did either restaurant disappoint.

Sometimes it's annoying not being able to eat anything on a menu. Nowadays, I always skip anything listed with chicken and shellfish, not to mention anything heavy with dairy. And sometimes I don't want to pay several dollars extra for that piece of cow or pig. Sometimes I just want a goddamn chicken! Anyhoo, hopefully I'll remember to take photos of all the food and hopefully all four of us don't end up ordering the exact same thing.

Sunday is the long-awaited RIIIIIIIIIBFEST! And yes, it must be said that way each and every time. Ribfest at the Markham Fair Grounds only happens once a year and every year, Sean and I look forward to it with the same kind of zeal as Ralphie from A Christmas Story awaiting his Red Ryder BB Gun on Christmas morning. Alas, this year I'll be without Sean as he'll be at said Lake but I will be joined with the same "crew" that attended last year, and a few others.

Last year four of us decided to go ahead and order full racks of ribs and then split it amongst each other so we could get a taste of four different rib-cookers. In addition to said ribs, I also ate a cob of corn, half a pulled-pork sandwich and an ice cream cone. I was determined not to be outdone by three grown men. This year, I think things will be different. First of all, it'll be my first big meal sick coming down with the flu and in the past week I've realized that I can't "pack it down" like I used to without feeling incredibly ill. This entire week has been a lesson in portion control. Especially after being sick and being forced to eat the exact same thing for 3 days straight, you kind of want stuff your face with just about everything and when you do, the results are not nice.

Just for reading all that, here's a pic of my pretty French manicure:

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