July 8, 2009


Things I learned yesterday:
  1. Blogger has a real numbering system so it doesn't have to look like the "list" I made yesterday. I should go back and fix that but I won't for example-sake.
  2. I can't get over Ian Holm's "accent" in The Sweet Hereafter and will therefore, probably not get through my first Atom Egoyan movie. It's not that I have anything against Mr. Egoyan. I actually met him, quite a few years ago, at the gallery beside his cinema and he's a very nice man. It's just that for some reason or another, I've never gotten around to watching any of his films.
  3. Dollhouse is coming back for season 2! I seriously thought that this show had been cancelled seeing as how I was the only one watching it. Thanks a lot, TV execs out there. You cancel Firefly but decide to bring this crap back?? (Sorry Joss Whedon, but you should just accept the fact that no show you ever make in the future will compare to Firefly.) Anyhoo, this show is kind of a piece of crap and I don't know why I continued watching it despite complaining about every aspect of it to Sean. (He really puts up with a lot of complaining from me.)
  4. Being sick results in the easiest weight you'll ever lose. I've lost 4 pounds without any help at all. No exercise, no starving myself, no nothing. There are just times when you're sick where you really don't feel like eating anything. I haven't even been in the mood to snack, except that I am craving fruit like there's no tomorrow.
Anyway, that's all I learned about yesterday. Now onto day five. I'm waiting for my order from cherryculture.com. Believe it or not, I ordered nail polish online. Weird, right? Well it gets even weirder because I ordered 19 bottles. Yes, that's right...19 bottles of nail polish! Crazy, right? Well at least it wasn't that expensive and I did get 20% off my entire order. But now I have to wait 1-2 weeks before it actually arrives and we all know how patient I am.

I just subjected myself to one of Taylor Swift's music videos in order to give myself more fuel for my rants about her all-around stupidity. She is so, so awful. I mean, honestly, just terribly awful. The video I subjected myself too was "You Belong To Me" in which she plays the "popular cheerleader" and the "music nerd" who, you guessed it, wears glasses!!! I swear on my copy of The Satanic Bible that if I see another "nerd" wearing glasses because that's the sign of being a nerd...yknow...glasses, braces, a ponytail (think Rachel Leigh Cook from She's All That), I'm going to flip out, postal-deliveryman style. And yes, I do wear glasses but I think I look quite fetching in mine (especially my "art school" glasses) and not so much like a 12 year-old. Anyway, that isn't the only reason why I hate Taylor Swift and would probably punch her in the face if I saw her, but this is my food blog and I'm not wasting time on her.

This is all I have the time for right now. I have to go find a way to go back in time about 10 minutes or a way of burning my retinas without much harm. No pics today, sorry.


Jessie said...

I have seen the Sweet Hereafter and Ararat. I liked them both a lot. Mind you, I was dating a boy at the time who had a serious crush on for Atom Egoyan. I personally love Sarah Polley. Brings me back to the Road to Avonlea days! haha I enjoyed The Sweet Hereafter. And what's so bad about Ian Holm's British accent?! LoL You're a crazy one...

PS - Taylor Swift was on a repeat of CSI last night. You would have loved it!!! haha

Dominique said...

Taylor Swift is a bum, that is all.