July 26, 2009



I'm a foodie.

I'm hungry.

It's almost midnight.

What do I decide to eat as a midnight snack?

Well none other than spaghetti with marinated artichokes and parmesan, of course. Followed by a square of Vosges Mo's Bacon Bar. Mmmm....(Good grief. If anyone knows how to fix the direction of this photo, please let me know.)

Close-up of the artichoke and pasta goodness:
It was a choice between that or multigrain flax crackers with peanut butter and banana slices.

See, New York has ruined me.


Jessie said...

hahahahaha I love this! You are too classy now to be living in Markham. Better pack your things and get the hell back to NYC! They serve things like that for midnight snacks all the time. Too bad there wasn't any room service to bring it to you.

Dominique said...

Trust me, room service would have brought me whatever the hell I wanted and then just charged it to our room. I'm pretty sure that with $12 cereal and $11 fruit juice, they'd be willing to do anything. They'll even launder your dirty socks for $6--a pair!

God I love that place!