July 18, 2009


Sean and I had a wonderful dinner at one of the only vegan restaurants I know about in Toronto. Fressen is located on Queen West, which is a major street for hipsters, but also down the road from where I used to work.

Anyhoo, after a screening of Jaws and snacking on too much popcorn (IBS-related cramps ensued), I told Sean that I wanted something "fresh" and light to eat for dinner. We decided between Irie, a Jamaican food joint--I've eaten there a couple of times before and loved it--or Fressen, the vegan place. We settled upon Fressen because it had been a while since we had both eaten there.

I don't have any photos of the dinner because well...it was a little bit embarrassing. Not many people know that I have a food blog and well, we were right across from the bar and the bartender was a little too cool for me (read: I felt too nerdy). I did try and see if I could take some pics with my cell phone but alas, it was just too dark!

A little background info on Fressen. They serve vegan dishes, all are priced at $9 and it's recommended that a couple get four dishes. The four categories are salad, crispy, starch, stew and vegetable. Sean and I opted for the soup first. It was a yellow...some sort of squash I think, and it was spicy. There was a drizzle of something red on top...perhaps a spicy oil? Sorry for the crap description. It's the only thing I can't really remember. Oh another thing...they had these totally awesome bowls that housed the soup; it looked like those egg chairs but on more of a slant so the soup wouldn't fall out.

Next up were the taro and corn dumplings. It came with a mango salsa and greenss. These were fried and so freaking delicious! Unfortunately the soup was making me ridiculously full and so I couldn't finish it and as a result, was getting full just eating one dumpling!

Our second "main" was a spinach blini sandwiched between an avocado and corn salsa with pepper puree on the side. This was mighty delicious as wel. Lastly we had the hand-made flax fettucine with mushrooms and grape tomatoes with pesto on top. I opted to mix mine together and holy crap, I had forgotten just how cool fresh pasta was. This was seriously exquisite. I could eat it everyday. Unfortunately, I was terribly full by that time and still had half a tall glass of apple, lemon and ginger juice to drink, so I gave the rest of my pasta to Sean who dutifully complied.

It was a fantastic meal although I was having a food baby at the end of it and Sean and I had to take the subway back to Bloor Cinema, instead of walking the 20 minutes.

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Jessie said...

Oh wow! Your descriptions have made all those meals sound divine! I would think about going there, but I need a person to go with whom is not a carnivore. Although, he is getting better. haha He will dabble in a bit of salad every now and then. And a strawberry or two. Very exciting stuff...

I am totally taking photos of my food everywhere I go now (provided I remember). I am so much of a nerd that I have learned to embrace it. Perhaps my own blog is in the near future!