July 26, 2009


I'm back home from New York today. It's been bittersweet because, while it's great to be back at my less-than-36C-town, I loved New York City.

My stomach didn't quite feel the same way.

Having barely eaten any veggies or fruits throughout the duration of our four-day trip to NYC, I've been very conscious about what I've put into my body today. After four days of amazing-but-not-so-healthy food, what's the first meal I want to eat when I'm back home? Well, a giant salad of course! And today I went to great lengths to make this one spectacular. As you all know I'm a huge fan of the sweet-salty combo (Mo's Bacon Bar, anyone?) and this salad was no exception. It contained iceberg lettuce (all we have on hand right now), Bing cherries, a nectarine, cucumber slices, some BBQ pork slices (I need protein that does not involve fried eggs or hot pastrami) and a couple slices of a tomato that I cut up. Yes, that's right...I've been craving fresh produce so much that this salad actually includes raw tomatoes. Sacre bleu!
Earlier this afternoon I had a cup of Trafalgar Square tea from Alice's Tea Cup, which contains Mauritian black vanilla and peppermint tea. I added a bit of agave for sweetness and it's a really lovely cup of tea. Mmmm...black vanilla tea from Mauritius. It's my absolute fave and hey, from my own culture--wahoo!

Dinner tonight consists of baked organic honey and garlic chicken wings and a salad containing iceberg lettuce, a nectarine, a peach and some cucumber. I'm going to see if I can find any blueberries in the fridge. It's foraging time! Oh and my "recipe" for baked chicken wings involved dredging the raw chicken wings in flour (I couldn't find the whole wheat), cayenne, garlic powder and salt. After baking for about 30 minutes, I then tossed them in some honey and more garlic powder and a tinge more salt. Absolutely delish!
My stomach never really runs at a regular pace when I'm on vacation. Just ask Sean about Cape Cod. Or rather, no, don't. Anyhoo, I plan on making more recipes from my Eat-Clean Diet book tomorrow. I've got one more day off before going back to the daily grind so I'm going to try and take as much advantage of it as possible. On the menu for tomorrow is buckwheat cereal as well as flax pudding.

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