July 6, 2009


It's now day three at being stuck at home, in my bedroom, while I recover from the flu. This morning got off to a great start because I was able to sleep for an awful amount of time and thereby, slept through most of the day. Hurrah!

For the past month or so my body has been so used to waking up at 8-8:30am, that on mornings when I was able to sleep in, my body was not having any of that. So I'd usually wake up around 8:30 or 9 and then try to force myself back to sleep, which would never happen. Anyway, this whole flu thing has allowed me to sleep for 10 hours in a row--although I do wake up after about 8 hours but then manage to fall back asleep.

The second best part of today is that Sean dropped by (while I was asleep) and dropped off a wackload of movies from Blockbuster to tide me over. He rented 11 movies for me! And they range from Toy Story 1 and 2 to Little Children and The Sweet Hereafter--all of which I have not seen.

The other best part about being sick is that you spend no money because you can't go anywhere! Lucky for me I live in Canada where most companies will not ship to (Kiehl's and Shu Uemura, I'm looking at you), but for the first time, it's turned into a good thing. Thanks Martha!

The only thing that I haven't been very happy about is my food options. Here's my current snack:
It's a banana split with peanut butter, a bottle of water and some organic water crackers. The water and tea are the only liquids I've been drinking since Saturday. I've gone through tons and tons of water. My skin doesn't look any better, not that I can notice anyway, but I sure have had to run to the washroom quite a few times.

Okay, that is all.


Jessie said...

I found your blog!! This is the most hilarious thing I have ever seen and I am actually thinking of starting one myself! Although my foods aren't nearly as exciting as yours. I did make an alfredo sauce from scratch on the weekend that turned out well. Didn't take any photos though. I'll have to get on it!

PS - I love the choice of movies you have and the amount he brought you! That's insane. He could have just brought some from my place! haha

Keep up the good blogging! And feel better soon.

domifc said...

Hahhaa, well I'm glad you like it. I decided to put the link of FB once I had a few posts going on. You're the first one...even Sean hasn't seen it!

It's supposed to be my "recipe book" because I'm actually too lazy to keep a hard copy of recipes I use...and I always misplace the darn book.

Sean even got me movies I've already seen like Taxi (so terrible!) and Bedazzled. But I think BF is hilarious in that movie so I might watch it again. Plus, it's the special edition so I might watch it with the commentary and hopefully Liz Hurley and Branden Fraser will be talking on it.

domifc said...

PS: Sometimes if your food blog gets super popular, companies start sending you free stuff to eat and review! Get started!!