May 31, 2009


Once the George Foreman grill was found, the rest of the dinner was pretty easy to put together, although the addition of iTunes, WiiFit and Gmail, slowed everything down.

Here's the rest of the photos from the dinner. (There were actually a bunch more but Blogger made me whittle it down to five.)

This is my plate of food--yummy!
This is the potatoes with artichoke dip. That's literally what it is...nothing else. I just bought a container of spinach dip and them boiled some small red potatoes, cut them up and bam! There's your potatoes and spinach dip. Tasty! Dip courtesy of President's Choice.
Here's the main attraction of the night (and what caused my oven to almost blow up!): President's Choice rosemary and garlic rack of lamb
While scanning the aisles at the not-so-local grocery store, Sean and I were lamenting the fact that this box of lamb was a) frozen (we were picking it up hours before dinner was supposed to be ready) and b) that the box of eight chops was $15 (plus tax). Ouch! But!! It turns out that the $15 price tag was so worth it. Not only was the rack absolutely delicious, two of them, along with the rest of the food, was actually really filling! We were so stuffed at the end of the dinner.

I'm skipping another shot of the asparagus and melon salad because I figured one was enough. Below is the dessert we had, which wasn't good AT.ALL. I won't even post where the recipe came from because the website owner is REALLY into this dessert. Oh well. Before Sean and I dug in, we decided to have a little fun with our food. This is mine...And this is Sean's...

And that was Sean's special dinner. End.

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