May 25, 2009


Yikes, why haven't I been posting on a more regular basis? Well, I could tell you why but it's kind of boring. Actually, no wait, I'll tell you. It's because of this:I've been busy going to the zoo and petting sharks and stingrays! I've gone twice in one week now. Once with Sean for a free members-only preview night and once again with Sean and my friend, Jessie, and her boyfriend, Adam. Good times were had by all four of us the second time around. I was even smart and wore my hiking shoes, just in case we decided to make the big trek to the Canadian Domain (but we did not). Sean and I have yearly memberships to the zoo so we like to go whenever we can. Damn the red panda for not being around though. We think he's on the lam because Sean and I are convinced we saw him chillin' in the giraffe habitat.

Ah wells, back to food blogging.

Here's lunch from the past little while:
This is Catelli Smart rotini with some of my dad's leftover beef and tomato sauce with some blanched asparagus thrown in.

Next up we've got the last of the hummus alongside some cucumber sticks and mini carrots and some romaine for a salad. That's a bit of a sad-looking lunch right there.

Lastly I've got more Catelli Smart rotini with the usual beef and asparagus. This time it's alonside some fresh beet salad (my dad makes the best beet salad), the absolute last of the hummus (I swear!), cucumber sticks and mini carrots. This lunch looks better but is missing the fruit action.

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