May 3, 2009


Three posts in one day and already like 5 posts this month and we're only on May 3? It's like a world record, for my blog anyway.

It's 4pm, I'm hungry and soup is not ready. I don't feel like snacking on anything except for maybe some buckwheat cereal but I thought about it for a second and I'm really just thirsty. I've decided to make due with some water until the soup is ready.

This afternoon I made a quick trip to the bulk store to pick up some grains. Here's my haul...

Steel cut oats:

Kasha (roasted buckwheat):
Sunflower seeds (roasted, unsalted):
The last two ingredients were to be used in a millet oat granola recipe I found online, but the bulk store was out of rolled oats. How weird is that?! They were on sale 13 cents per 100g so I guess that must be some kind of awesome deal. The store won't be restocked until Tuesday but I'm going in and stocking up on oats.

The kasha I bought is a lot darker than the buckwheat groats I toasted last night. These ones are a lot nuttier in flavour though I haven't had a chance to taste them beyond a tablespoonful in my mouth, plain. Earlier this evening I made another batch of roasted buckwheat with the remaining buckwheat I had. I roasted it for 40 minutes so it had more of a brown colour than the first batch and then added the store-purchased kasha to a mix of almond butter and agave and honey. I like the taste that the honey gives the kasha. Now I have a 2-cup container of cold buckwheat cereal to eat whenever I feel like it. And I still have more premade kasha to use.

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