May 9, 2009


Last week Blogger decided that it wouldn't let me add any photos and as a result, I haven't posted until now. I mean, it's frustrating trying to upload the same five photos three times. I'm determined but not that determined!

Anyhoo, here's the long-awaited bento recap--although it isn't particularly interesting because for four out of my five work days, I was pretty much eating the same thing with various sides. Here's a recap anyway.

Why my photos are continually vertical instead of horizontal, I don't know. The following is cucumber mint soup along with cucumber dill hummus and mini carrots. I also had a can of sardines along with it, obviously not pictured.
The next day was a second round of cucumber mint soup, cucumber dill hummus, mini carrots, grapes and one of the best strawberries ever! Pictured below is actually half of the strawberry; the other half I cut up and used in my breakfast that morning.

Pictured below is more cucumber mint soup, trifecta of fruit (grapes, pineapples, strawberries), cucumber dill hummus but this time with cucumber slices and mini carrots.
The last lunch of the week had no cucumber mint soup because I ran out but did have cucumber dill hummus with cucumber slices and mini carrots. Along with that I had a watermelon salad (pictured at top) with basil and crumbled feta. This was made the night before and did NOT hold up well until lunchtime the next morning. This is definitely a "make and eat immediately" type of thing. Pictured at the top was the main part of lunch: roasted brussel sprouts and an omelette with pancetta, buttom mushrooms and asparagus.
And this was my dee-licious dinner the other night. What are you to do with rye bread, brie and proscuitto? Make a sandwich, of course! Along with that I've got leftovers from lunch.

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