May 2, 2009


I'm a little behind on bento recapping so this will be part one.

This was my reward for completing the CN Tower Climb, lunch at Prague with Sean. We were lucky enough to score the last smoked pork hock and so Sean and I split that along with a serving of roast pork. We both have servings of bread dumplings and braised cabbage. Just looking at this photo is making me hungry. Along with the leftovers is a mix of greens and some strawberries.Next up is a bento lacking in the green, blue and purple department. I've got Kraft mac 'n cheese but I subbed the pasta for Catelli Smart macaroni. I've also got some mini frozen samosas that I baked in the toaster oven in just 10 minutes. The samosas are low in fat and calories and surprisingly, no MSG! In the container to the right I've got mini carrots, red pepper strips, strawberries and honey clementine segments. Very yummy bento.
This bento features my first attempt at stir-frying rice noodles. Funny how I never thought to include it in a bento. I've got some beef and broccoli along with the rice noodles and to the right is my barley and bean soup. Now onto next part...

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