May 3, 2009


This past week's bentos:

More barley bean soup with a Caesar salad, mini carrots, red pepper strips and cucumber slices. Pretty boring, oh well. Lunch can't be super exciting every day.I think this lunch makes up for the previous lunch. I baked half a fillet of salmon, roasted some brussel sprouts and also includes some Eden Organic baked beans. The baked beans were kind of a big shock because I'm used to the Heinz variety with uber amounts of salt and sugar. I was really tempted to add more salt to the Eden Organic's variety but managed to stop myself.I have no reason for why the following photo is vertical instead of horizontal. I find that when I upload my photos, Blogger randomly decides to post one the wrong way. Oh well. It'll have to do. The following bento includes dad's lentil soup (I prefer yellow lentils), lettuce for a Caesar salad (sadly this is the same lettuce from the first photo, which obviously never got eaten) and a container of Kraft mac 'n chees with Catelli Smart macaroni instead. I should know by now but I seem to never learn my lesson that Kraft mac 'n chees just isn't the same the next day. Unless it's homemade and loaded with tons of cheese, which my IBS-stomach cannot handle, it's just not that great. It was okay. It's really just the pasta I had a craving for.

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