December 1, 2009


In response to my post on November 22, regarding my disdain for the Kindle, I've realized that hey, perhaps an electronic book isn't such a bad thing.

Upon further investigation (aka non-stop talk from Sean about the pros of owning a Kindle), I realized that a Kindle is a good thing. (Yay for the Martha reference.)

Kindle pros:
- saves trees (yay!)
- saves money (downloads are approx. $10 a book)
- high-res screen looks and reads like real paper (uhhh, I might have to see to believe)
- ultra-portable (no cables, no syncing, no computer--downloads are wireless)
- newspapers are available (you can read papers from around the world--cool!)
- lightweight (only 10.3oz! That's still double my weight when I was born but lighter than most laptops. Lighter than my laptop anyway.)
- easy-to-read (not harsh on your eyes like a PDA or computer screen)
- font size is adjustable (six different sizes available--good for the oldies)
- Kindle Dictionary will look up words you don't know (cool!)
- Martha Stewart is a fan (who doesn't love MS?)

Kindle cons:
- you is $259!!!
- no touchscreen (c'mon's 2009!)

Researching facts on the Kindle almost makes me want one, although I wish it came in black. Actually, I wish I read on a more active basis because then I'd actually have a valid reason for wanting one but right now it's just because it looks snazzy and I like that I get to save the trees. Sean will most likely be getting one for Christmas so I will report back on the screen and how harsh it really is on your eyes--that's the one thing I'm most interested in--and with all the books he reads, he'll definitely be saving lots and lots of trees--yay!

No photos because I don't own a Kindle. Maybe I'll update with a photo of Sean's when he gets one.

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Seanington said...

kindle... you is miiiiine!