December 12, 2009


Okay so I've been MIA lately because yesterday was my 11th day of work in a row and I've spent my Saturday running errands before I'm back at work tomorrow for two days and then I have a day off for a doctor's appointment and then I'm back at work again and then I have a day off to follow the Olympic Torch around town and then I'm back at work again for 6 days in a row before Christmas. Whew, what crappy grammar that was. Anyway, I'm spending my Saturday night catching up on Ugly Betty and I must say, these past few episodes that I've missed have been full of laughs and so have the Old Navy commercials as of late. I can't help it; I find those modelquins--or whatever they're called--really funny. I've also been catching up on sleep, twice falling sleep reeeeeeeeeally early, at 6:30, 7:30 or 8pm...last Saturday night. Kind of sad when you're only 26 but then again, I'm just pooped! I was telling Sean last night (before falling asleep on the phone with him), that I didn't even feel this tired when I was working two jobs and going to school full-time for 22 days in a row.

But back to food-related news. There have been some really good eats since the last post but because of my hectic schedule, not a lot of photos were taken. Meals included a lot of take-out...palak paneer and lamb biryani and naan from my favourite Indian restaurant. Thai green curry with beef brisket on rice (twice) from the Thai restaurant in the same plaza as my workplace. I used the leftovers with some thin rice noodles and mmm, so tasty! There were a lot of cans of HK-style Milk Tea, a couple bottles of Pepsi, an entire bag of milk chocolate-covered almonds, several slices of pizza and more! Seriously! That's a lot of food in less than a week.

Just to make sure I wasn't eating completely unhealthy, here's a very quick and short food recap...

Very late-night snack several days back:

A couple slices of cinnamon raisin bread and a cup of blueberry white tea.

And dinner the night after that:

A plate of mixed greens topped with some broccoli, clementine slices and leftover organic chicken breast. This is actually the over half of a leftover chicken breast from the night before that my dad had cooked for me. The entire breast was too much to eat for dinner so I saved the rest specifically for a salad the night before. I'm always jealous of people and their chicken salads so this was my version. I used a tiny bit of Kraft's Aged Balsamic Vinaigrette and it was THE perfect salad.

And now I'm enjoying this sugary treat:
A Dufflet pecan butter tart which I picked up from a Second Cup, nearby the nail salon I went to, to get my nails done. This butter tart is actually pretty big so I'm going to eat half and save the rest for later.


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