December 7, 2009


Can you believe I've never eaten the food at Ikea previous to this weekend? IKEA is one of my favourite places in the world to visit--except I try not to visit very often because I am always tempted by everything! All the photo frames and bedspreads and pillows and glasses and ways to organize. It's like a dream come true. I could seriously go crazy in Ikea.

Anyway, this past weekend, Sean had the brilliant idea of eating at Ikea while shopping for shelving units! Sadly this was not for our first living space together but just to appease his parents who were tired of seeing all his books/CDs/DVDs all piled about his room.

So we headed over to Ikea (I almost got us lost), and made a detour straight for the food market. was 3pm and I hadn't eaten all day. This body needs food--no matter how small it looks! After a quick perusal of the menu (organic pasta and meat sauce!!), I settled on the stuffed salmon with vegetable medallions (subbed with mashed potatoes) and veggies.
I have no clue what my salmon was stuffed with but it was good and I'm quite picky with my salmon. It wasn't dry although I think the mystery yellow sauce provided a good flavour boost. The mashed potatoes were also really good and the veggies were pretty decent.

Sean had the 15 Sweddish meatballs with ligonberry sauce, mashed potatoes and gravy.
Sean's meatballs were tasty, as was his ligonberry sauce but his gravy was was star of the show--kind of. I kept scooping some up with my fork (which was quite a feat) and adding it to my own mashed potatoes.

At $7 and $6 for each of our meals (respectively), this was seriously some good grub! I knew all about Ikea's restaurant but had no clue what glorious food awaited me. And how smart are they to offer an entire restaurant for families to dine in while shopping for furniture and other such things? I mean, really, what else do you want after spending hours and hours perusing housewares but something warm and comforting to eat? And if that isn't your style, there's all kinds of other options like pastries, coffee and tea. Or perhaps a hot dog and vanilla soft-serve?

It was an afternoon of the best of both worlds...Sean got his shelves and my belly was full of all sorts of yum.

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