December 20, 2009


Day two of day six.

I am not a happy camper. Despite work not being ridiculously crazy today--except for the tail end but I got someone else to close for me--I still didn't have enough time to finish all my paperwork and now have to rush to finish it tomorrow. It should be okay since I have coverage between 1-5pm but am not a happy camper because I'll be working a 12-hour shift on a Monday. Not cool. Double not cool because it occurs on the Monday before Christmas. I can only imagine how many idiots are going to show up demanding their parcels arrive before Christmas without spending an exorbitant amount of money. You should have sent your packages out earlier, you cheap-asses!

Anyway, I've sort of narrowed down my list of holiday cookies to bake. So far I've got...
- dark chocolate candy cane crackles
- toffee crackle cookies
- cherry almond biscotti
- vanilla peppermint cupcakes with chocolate ganache and peppermint frosting
- raspberry oat bars
- apricot poppyseed thumbprint cookies
- snickerdoodles/honeydoodles

Some kind of fudge and lime cookie will probably still make it into the list--mainly because I love lime-flavoured things, but I should probably also remind myself that I can't eat all the cookies I bake.

I should be baking right now but apparently it is too early to start baking for a Thursday night serving-time and also because I have no space in my freezer to store the cookies. It sucks because the kitchen is completely free and with my parents out at a Sunday-night Christmas party, it's pretty quite in the house tonight. Oh well. Time to get back to Glee!

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