December 18, 2009


Despite work being complete and utter chaos this time of year, I actually had two days off this week (Tuesday and Thursday) during which I attended a doctor's appointment and the Olympic Torch Relay (more on that later). Now I have to work six days in a row until my next day off, which is actually okay because it'll be Dec. 24-27 off, which makes for 4 days off in a row but most of it will be spent doing Christmas-related things.

Which brings me to today's baking!

I've narrowed down my holiday baking list and now have the following to choose from:
- raspberry oat bars*
- cherry almond biscotti*
- chocolate candy cane crackles
- lime coconut cookies
- lime zingers
- blackberry sage thumbprints
- snickerdoodles/honeydoodles
- toffee crackle cookies
- some kind of fudge
- vanilla candy cane cupcakes*
- Peppermint Patty-topped butter cookie*

So everything with a star needs to be made while everything else can be chosen from, depending on how I feel. Obviously I'll either make the lime zingers or lime coconut cookies because both would be lime overkill. As much as I like lime, there are only so many cookies I can eat this time of year--especially considering that I don't have much of a sweet tooth in the first place. Nor am I a big fan of le chocolat.

And to kick the holiday baking off, one of my co-workers presented me with a box of holiday cookies. It's awesome considering that I'm usually the one doing the baking.

Here's the unveiling...
The first layer contained sugar cookies with I think little bits of cranberries and sugar sprinkles on top. I sampled one before continuing on.Next up was a layer of some kind of complete and utter yummy! It contained cranberries, coconut (aka Dom's Crack!) and other goodies. The rest doesn't really matter considering it contained coconut. I think I had three. Or maybe four. I know for sure I had three but I might of have another one and forgot about it. These were really yummy. I had to stop myself from eating more.The last layer contained chocolate chip cookies. Chocolates and a candy cane filled in the empty spaces and gosh darn it, I'm just pleased as punch about my box 'o goodies. I've never gotten a box of homemade cookies before! I feel kind of special. I guess this is what my recepients feel is; it feels nice. I feel all warm and cuddly inside.Except that I overdid on my cookie quota for today. So now I have to go and make a whole bunch of cookies and hand them out to other people...just to balance everything out ;) Adios!

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