December 25, 2009


MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! (or the two of you that follow this blog)

Chewy wishes you all a Merry Christmas too. This is how he spent the afternoon:
So the holiday baking didn't go exactly as planned but that's usually how things go around the holidays--especially when it involves me, baking and work. First up...Fudge!
Measuring out the candy canes: (This was actually for another recipe but the cookies burned for reasons left-unsaid but I don't want the first few photos to go to waste).Now unwrap all the candy canes and put them into a ziploc bag.
Get out your trusty hammer and get smashing!When you're all done, it should look like this:One-half of the mise-en-place:Second-half of the mise-en-place:
When everything is cooked and your fudge topped with the remaining crushed canes, it looks like this:
Now the pan gets to set in the fridge overnight:And after they're cut and wrapped, this is what they look like:
The second box is what I gave to my co-workers along with the cupcakes which I will feature later on.

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