December 7, 2009


Sadly I'm not even talking about Thanksgiving...but I am talking about the following:

With a day off work, I decided to sleep in and have a before lunch, a whole wheat scone with blueberry white tea:

Followed up a couple of hours later with some spaghetti carbonara, to which I added some mushrooms, because my dad scoffed at me for eating pancetta. The rest of the day was spent hanging out with my best buddy...sadly not a Chow Chow nor an Old English was just Sean.

A couple days later I was lucky enough to enjoy the following, lamb chops roast potatoes and stir-fried broccoli. Who eats lamb chops twice in one week? I do...but it's ridiculous!!

And then for dessert that night I decided to follow up my indulgent dinner with a bowl full of raspberries, fresh whipped cream and a crumbled whole wheat scone. Fan-freakin'-delicious!

And I thought this dessert was so delicious that a couple days later I had almost the exact same thing:

Fresh whipped cream with raspberries and leftover ginger cookies from a party my mom and dad attended.

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