November 24, 2009


Yesterday's eats...
No breakfast, which ended up being a bad idea because somewhere around 11:30 in the morning, a very unhealthy steamed spicy pork bun was consumed which probably contained copious amounts of crap.

Lunch was then had about five hours later when my relief finally showed up and I grazed on the following:Organic chicken strips (MIA because they were in the oven at the time), leftover roast veggies (beets, broccoli, orange bell pepper), oat and orange scone, grapes.

I hardly touched the veggies and instead decided to find some hot dogs (bad, I know!) and had three of those with some more ketchup. Oi. It was one of those days.

Then while my mom and I waited for my dad to pick us up from work, I decided to grab one of these:a Tall white chocolate mocha. With whip. Yes, it was REALLY one of those days. But I quickly followed that up with a mug of 1/2 orange juice and 1/2 pineapple/banana/orange juice and wouldn't y'know it, that's exactly what a person needs to empty their bowels! Good times were had!

So after that I was feeling pretty empty but crappy so I had an apple, a Braeburn...which was super crunchy and slightly tart. A pretty good sub for a Red Delicious. It was then nearing 9:30 and while I didn't feel super hungry, I knew I wouldn't last very far into the morning without food if I didn't eat something that evening. I ended up making this for dinner, which looks like a face:A couple of eggs (sunnyside up) on a whole wheat English muffin along with the rest of my apple.

Today's eats (for later today at work)...
*sigh* Stupid vertical photos. Anyway, we've got Catelli Smart spaghetti with leftover roast veggies (contains BBB), mushrooms and pancetta (mmm, pancetta) along with a snack container of mini carrots, dates, grapes and golden raspberries with more grapes hiding underneath.

Breakfast is going to depend on how early I wake up in the morning. If I wake up early it's going to be a whole wheat English muffin with an egg. If I don't wake up early enough it's going to be instant organic


Seanington said...

holy crap, Snacky! way to much a bunch.

you know what? why would anybody have a plain old hotdog, when you could dine upon a glorious pogo? what better way to improve upon a tube of pork-related leftovers than to put it on a stick and surround it with corn flour stuff?

ps: decent-looking recipe for scones in the toronto star today. what the heck is buttermilk btw?

Dominique said...

Dammit, I don't get the Star on a daily basis. Cut it out and save it for me.

Buttermilk is a waste of time. You can make your own buttermilk with regular old milk and vinegar. Actual buttermilk comes in a 1L carton and unless you have a large family or live in a frathouse, you're not very likely to go through that much buttermilk. I mean, unless you're going to make pancakes, scones and the like for your large family or fratboy family members. Yknow what I mean.

Seanington said...

how does adding vinegar to old-ass milk approach butteryness in any sense of the word?

Dominique said...

Well you're supposed to let it sit for five minutes but it's not really butter-milk. It's just tart or sour milk. It's gross actually. Never drink buttermilk on its own because it's not creamy or buttery or tasty in any way.