November 18, 2009


I've decided to stop calling my food recaps "bento recap" because it's mostly random meals here and there. I no longer have the time to take pretty photos of my food at work because work is just too busy. I miss the days where I would take lovely "put together" photo montages of my food containers. Sigh. What happened to the good old days at the post office?

Anyway, here's food from the past few days...

When you're at work and it's ridiculously busy and you can't take a proper break, you end up eating a bowl of strawberries and rambutans. Score a plus one if you have them in a Christmas-themed bowl like mine:My friend, Jessie, and I made mini Oreo cheesecakes. We get together about once a week to bake and watch Grey's Anatomy and 90210. I don't normally watch Grey's Anatomy but Jessie is a die-hard fan and I got hooked after two episodes--except I missed last week's episode because I was out with Sean and then the week previous to that was my dad's birthday but Jessie caught me up with what I missed. Anyway, here are our cheesecakes:And a cross-section close-up:
One of my days off was spent with Sean. I tried to document my days' eats but I forgot after these two pics. First up, plain Liberte yogurt with strawberries and Optimum Slim (yay for free cereal through Shoppers' Optimum program) and then a bowl of grapes during our Weeds marathon.Breakfast at work on Sunday was this:
A bowl of instant organic oatmeal with chocolate PB, strawberries and cacao nibs. Oh how I do love that combo. The grocery store by my work is out of raspberries so for now, strawberries will have to do. I actually picked up a bag of frozen berries today because I just don't know when they're going to get another shipment of raspberries in. I keep going on to check but am tired of walking back to work empty-handed.
Snack bento for that day at work:
More strawberries, grapes, mini carrots and eggplant hummus.

This past Sunday I made scones. I was skeptical about the recipe because a) the dough was mega sticky and b) the dough was hella pale. It was practically as pale as the bowl in the above photograph. How on earth was I supposed to end up with golden brown scones when I wasn't even instructed to brush the tops with egg or milk? Anyway, I trudged along with my recipe and wouldn't ya know it, playing Bejewelled Blitz (to which I have a weird obsession) and watching Desperate Housewives while making scones, isn't a recipe for picture-perfect scones. In the end, my raisin scones looked like this:But they tasted delicious and then I had another one with jam, straight from the oven. Two days later and there is only one remaining scone in the house...and only because I've stashed it in the mini fridge in my bedroom for my breakfast tomorrow.


Seanington said...

those scones were good. they're supposed to be really pasty-looking, that's how they were at timmie's before bakage. RAMBUTANS

Dominique said...

This is why I need baking instructions with lots of step-by-step photos, or at least a warning that my dough will look pasty. Otherwise I proceed with a "uhh, is this how it's supposed to look" look on my face and I think I've done something wrong. But usually when they taste good but look ugly, it's okay.

Rambutans are not cool. I've decided I'm not crazy about them; I'd rather eat a lychee. Even from a can.

Seanington said...

canned lychees taste mostly the same as regular ones.

yeah, this is why i like to have very specific measurements and instructions when i cook or bake, because i really have no sense of how things are supposed to be going either. but after you try it a few times, it's all good. you could always just google, "are my scones supposed to look this pasty before i bake them?"

Dominique said...

Canned lychees are not the same. The texture is not the same. You can tell they've been sitting in a can in a warehouse somewhere for way too long. Still, they're tastier than rambutans even rambutans are more fun to say.

I like pictures better than measurements. Measurements you can mess around with...maybe not too much when you're baking, but at least pictures show you what the hell they're supposed to look like. Like hey "yes, your scones are supposed to look as pasty as Sean's legs before they go into the oven!"

Seanington said...

you're not supposed to be able to tell my legs are pasty because they have too much hair on top of them!

Dominique said...

Oh I know, I always know.