November 18, 2009


Sean and I both had this past Monday off. I had an appointment in the afternoon but after that Sean and I were free to spend the day together--yay! We headed over to Toogood Pond to enjoy the beautiful weather and then decided to take some photos together. Here's two of my faves:
We're a purdy couple, aren't we? I miss the photos we take together. Smiles that appear on my face from photos with Sean are I think the only smiles from me that are genuine.

Toogood Pond was extra pretty that day. Here's one of the photos I took:The ducks and geese were also very alert that day and proceeded to swim towards Sean and I, probably in hopes of getting some food, but Sean and I arrived empty-handed--sorry birdies! Oh and Sean showed me how bulrushes "explode" upon contact. I have videotaped evidence of this but don't think I can upload it on my blog but you can check it out here on Facebook. Other than that it was just an awesome day of hanging out and being lazy. The best way to hang out with your best friend.

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Seanington said...

hey you, yeah that was a good day. pretty much all i like to do as well, just laze about and talk about craps and stuffs. best friend is better than gf/bf. thanks! i like you!