November 17, 2009


The tomatoes have won. I officially give up. It's game over. I can no longer eat any kind of tomato sauce, be it homemade or not. Every time I do, I end up with days' worth of stomach pains. I don't even know where to begin in describing them. It starts with what feels like heartburn but no amount of antacids work. Then noises in my stomach begin but nothing seems to find its way out and this goes on for days. I've felt this way for about a week and a half now. It all started with some tortellini with tomato and sausage sauce at Sean's house that I thought would go down easy but four days later, I was still experiencing small amounts of pain--though nothing compared to the amount of pain induced by homemade tomato sauces. A little less than a week later I found myself over-pouring a jar of tomato sauce (tomatoes, basil and salt) into a pan of mushrooms for some pillowy gnocchi. Since the pain wasn't nearly as bad as the pain associated with homemade tomato sauce I didn't really put the two together until today. I have been a-hem "backed up", if you will and nothing I have eaten in the past two days has helped. I have overloaded on dairy and citrus (the two even together!) in hopes of inducing some kind of visit to the porcelain but nothing! I'm now just hoping this passes and am now avoiding all things tomato. Damn you lycopene!

I'm tired today. I've spent the past two days over-eating in an effort to come up with an excuse for a good bout of diarrhea but no positive results. Instead I am just tired, probably because my metabolism has been shifted into overdrive.

In other non-gross-related news, here's my food from yesterday.
Breakfast...instant organic oatmeal with chocolate peanut butter, cacao nibs and strawberries and a homemade raisin scone:And the snack bento, which contained grapes, mini carrots, a clementine (stolen from Sean's, shhh) and a mini Oreo cheesecake):Other eats for yesterday included leftover pizza from Montreal from Toto's Pizza (thanks Sean's parents!) and half a sushi dinner set from Sakura sushi restaurant (in the plaza where I work). It was a crappy Tuesday night at work and I was sushi always makes things better. My dinner contained salmon sashimi, salmon sushi, bulgogi (korean stir-fried beef), rice, edamame, miso soup and salad). I ate all the salmon, the soup, a bit of the rice, bulgogi and 3 pods of edamame. The rest is for tomorrow for someone in my family.

Okay seriously, I don't get this stupid electronic book fad. Who the hell needs to store 1500 books "on the go?" And are they stored on some kind of screen that you then have to select and read? Personally I find screens rather annoying. I spend no less than 8 hours a day looking a dumb screen, reading off all kinds of numbers in tiny-ass font to customers all day long. The last thing I want to do is read a book off another tiny-ass screen in tiny-ass font!

Fuck I'm grumpy. I'm going to bed.


Seanington said...

but the screen is designed to not hurt your eyes!! and you are saving the trees, man, the treeees! and so much shelf space, which the gods know you could use some more of! mmmmmm toto's pizza. best pizza in the land.

Dominique said...

I was going to write a new post and dedicate a paragraph to the electronic book, singing its praises for saving trees and all. I'll get to it later and you can read it. Like I said...I was grumpy!

Seanington said...


Dominique said...

Oops, it's coming!!