November 15, 2009


I think I love raspberries more than life itself...

Breakfast on the ride to work (thanks Dad!):
Instant organic oatmeal, chocolate PB, raspberries.

Breakfast on a lovely day off (it was my dad's bday!):Lactose-free yogurt, walnuts, apple, raspberries.

Snack bento for a day out with Sean...
Fudge babies, Lindt chocolate, raspberries, walnuts, Lindt chocolate, grapes.

Breakfast on a Saturday morning: whole wheat pita with chocolate peanut butter, raspberries and cacao nibs.I thought this would be a good "take-along" breakfast; it ended up being weird. This was thought up "on the fly" because my mom and I were heading to the Shiseido warehouse sale. It looks like a weird muppet but it was tasty.

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