November 5, 2009


Lunch from a couple of days ago:Leftover egg noodles with veggies and beef and a side salad. This was a delicious lunch and only because I amped up the veggies within the noodle dish. The noodles were bought from the restaurant next door and while it was advertised as beef with vegetables egg noodles, what it really was was a container of noodles with beef and 6 half-pieces of bok choy. Not cool! (Please someone, anyone, remind me to stop ordering from that restaurant when my co-workers want Chinese.) Anyway, I decided not to waste my leftovers and took them home to jazz it up. I added a whole bunch of veggies (broccoli, zucchini, red peppers and mushrooms) and the leftover sliced beef. The leftover bok choy was so limp and lifeless that whatever was leftover pretty much disintegrated with the beef.

So in essence, what I am saying is that sometimes the food you make yourself is 1000 times better than the crap you buy in a restaurant. Plus a whole bunch cheaper to boot! I think that's one thing I find myself rather disappointed with; the fact that the more and more I cook at home and eat fresh and relatively healthy, the more and more I become disappointment with the food I find myself eating when I'm out. It's always too salty, too pricey, too little,

Oh and my snack bento. I forgot all about it during my rant...
Walnuts, grapes, 1/2 persimmon.

I'm a little iffy on persimmons. I don't know if I like them or not. I'm not 100% convinced yet. I recently saw a recipe on Vanilla Garlic for persimmon chips and to say I'm intrigued is a mega understatement as I'm a huge sucker for crispy fruit things. Actually, I think I just like the photo. Sadly I have no more persimmons to try this out. Boo-urns!

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