November 1, 2009


Random meal of the day: Dinner!
- 1 whole wheat pita
- laaaarge spoonful of cucumber salad
- stir-fried garlic kale
- bittermelon with a couple of bites of pork
- 1/2 persimmon
- mug of organic 2%Oh how I missed Harmony Organic. There really is nothing quite like this organic milk. The store used to carry it but then they switched to a more generic brand of organic milk and now they've completely stopped carrying organic milk altogether. It's actually quite a disappointment considering how many families in the area were fanatics for the Harmony Organic 4L bags. I was actually quite surprised at how many of them were willing to pay $9 for it!

Because of my dad's spike in blood sugar, our family has completely switched to brown rice. It was a quick switch, cold turkey, and I didn't think my family would take to it (especially not my dad), but he's been rather fond of the change. He enjoys the nutty, chewier taste of the brown rice. He's also cut down his white sugar intake. In fact, I think he's completely cut white sugar out of his diet in favour of agave nectar, which I just so happened to have in the house. I'm glad his tastebuds are finally adjusting. I'm glad that despite being considered a senior, he isn't considered old enough to be hesitant to change. He's even accepted my choice to consume solely organic milk and all-natural/organic or no gelatin yogurt. I'm slowly converting him to an all-natural, super foods diet (a la Heidi Swanson) and despite

Woke up this morning and felt particularly skinny in the clavicles so I decided to weigh myself. 1.6lbs lighter. Seriously? After a full serving of deep-fried halibut and chips, almost an entire bag of popcorn, orange juice, water and Reese's Pieces? Are you kidding me, body?? But I think it's because aside from that, all I ate was some organic instant oatmeal so everything kind of evened itself out.


Jessie said...

I completely forgot all about your food blog! It always makes me so hungry and a bit sad that I don't cook more. I usually have dinner ready for me when I get home and I bring either a sandwich, soup or a frozen dinner bowl for lunch to work. Sandwiches have been causing me some pain lately though so I am trying to avoid sandwich meat and see if things improve.

And lucky you losing 1.6 lbs without trying! It always happens to those who don't need it... Damn you!

Dominique said...

As you can see, I am neglecting my food blog as well! I can't believe it's been almost two weeks since a whole new post. I must remedy that soon. There should be an option to send me an email to update since I hate it when other food bloggers take forever to update with new posts. Now I'm one of them :(

Maybe it's all the preservatives in the deli meats that are causing your stomach the illnesses? That's how I usually get with deli meats so I avoid them all together unless it's organic or nitrate/nitrate-free which is typically hard to free and also crazy expensive. It's funny how "regular" food like sandwiches and chicken wings I avoid like the plague because of how expensive their all-natural and organic counterparts are.

Don't be jealous about my weight loss...I put a couple of pounds back on. I have managed to keep about 6lbs off since the beginning of October...just by adjusting my portions, mainly because my stomach will reject the food otherwise. Sometimes I think my stomach is an entirely separate entity attached to my body. It's like in Aliens except it doesn't want out.