November 19, 2009


calls for really desperate measures.What's inside my bag of red and yellow evil? Well a six-pack of chicken McNuggets and a McChicken sandwich, of course! Blame my dad--although I did ask him to pick them up for me. I'm desperate and I mean REALLY desperate. I haven't had a good bowel movement in who knows how long and I feel all backed up and seriously, it's making me cranky. I've eaten everything in the world that will make me sick but with the no results, I am now forced to deal with "chicken" products from McDonalds.

So here are we are...Six nuggets of white meat with BBQ sauce and a McChicken for good measure.I can't even remember the last time I had a McNugget and the McChicken...I don't even think I've ever had one of these!

So here they are:and you know, call me crazy but that chicken McNugget was seriously good! As you can see, the McChicken left something to be savoured. It was actually kind of crappy. People really pay like $3 and change for that? Look at it, people! That is not awesome!

But wouldn't ya know it, just a short while later, me and the porcelain met for a wonderful date. Ah, good times. McDonalds never lets me down.

And just so the day wasn't full of total crap (bahaha, here's my breakfast...a bowl of organic instant oats with frozen raspberries that I nuked in the micro for 90 seconds along with the last of the cacao nibs.
Good day to you all!


Seanington said...

posting about your bowel movements on the internet is vaguely creepy...

the mcchicken is for shit! what a waste of time. you should have gone all out and had the big crunch from KFC, now that's a sandwich and a half. nuggets are still awesome though. for a while i thought they were weird because the new "white meat" nuggets came out, but now i actually don't really remember what the old ones tasted like. still, they cost too much!

Dominique said...

Probably...but since you and Jessie are the only ones who read my blog, you both should be used to it by now. I have IBS...what else would I talk about?

Everyone raves about the McChicken! That's what made me get it!! Plus I couldn't remember where the closest KFC was. They really aren't as conveniently located as you think they are. Nuggets are awesome. Those nuggets were not only tasty--they saved the day!

Seanington said...

markham road and hwy 7! (kfc loc)

yeah, i don't get it with people and the mcchick. the sauce is bores (just mayo) and the limp lettuce doesn't help at all. one day when you want to be deathly ill, maybe i'll share a big crunch with you.

Dominique said...

That's far for KFC!

The photo of my McChicken is exactly how it looked when I first opened the lid and then the bun--how pathetic! They couldn't even place the chicken patty in the center? Yeesh! And what's up with that lettuce? Can't they at least sprinkle some more on? Yeah I get we're in a recession but lettuce is cheap man!