October 31, 2009


A little over seven months ago I wrote about my likes and dislikes when it comes to food. I wrote about how I crave savoury foods and how I normally reach for a bag of potato chips or popcorn when I get a craving. I suppose I forgot to mention that I also don't really like chocolate. Despite what many men believe regarding women and their love for chocolate versus sex, well...let's just say I wouldn't choose the former. I'm just not a big chocoholic. I've never really been a big fan of chocolate. I do have moments where I crave a certain kind of chocolate bar and when I do, I'll reach for a Twix, Skor or Bounty bar.

In the summer, I discovered Vosges Haut Chocolat and not too long after that (about a month later), I discovered Purdy's Chocolates. Ah, Purdy's Hedgehogs. There is nothing like the smooth hazelnut centre of a milk chocolate hedgehog. Those things are so fantastical. I had a box of two as a party favour a week ago and couldn't get the taste out of my head.

After finishing off the Hedgehogs, I wanted more. I finished off the remainder of my Vosges Mo's Bacon Bar but still wanted more chocolate! It was late at night and far too late to have my dad make a trip to the store for some chocolate so I scoured my bedroom for whatever cocoa I could find. I came up with a mini snack-size Toblerone. I sat in bed (eeks!) and ate that mini piece of chocolate and blech(!) it was awful! The taste of "regular" chocolate after you've had some Purdy's and Vosges just cannot compare. It was awful. Seriously. I just don't think I could ever eat that stuff again! I might have to nix regular chocolate all together! Sorry Twix and Bounty--you just don't make the cut anymore.

Anyhoo, less than a week later I found myself standing in a Purdy's store marvelling at all the purple and gold boxes of chocolate. I think that's what did it: the purple. I'm a sucker for purple. And maybe a bit of gold. I can't help it--it's shiny!

After a short consult with a store associate--who was I kidding, I knew what I wanted--I came out with $54 worth of chocolate. My haul included:
- 10 mini Hedgehogs
- 8 Sweet Georgia Browns (more on those later)
- 12 Himalayan Pink Salt Caramels
- a bar of dark chocolate with blueberries and almonds (for Sean)
- a bar of milk chocolate with rice crisps (I am too good for Crunchie now)
- a bag of dark chocolate-covered pretzels

I can't even begin to tell you how much I love Purdy's for their sweet-salty combos. I met up with Sean later that afternoon and before heading into Bloor Cinema for a showing of The Lady Vanishes, I nibbled on a Himalyan Pink Salt Caramel. I can just taste it in my mouth right now: salt sitting on top of milk chocolate with a chewy caramel centre. So freaking good!

And after that it kind of went downhill. I had meant to keep everything until after I got home so I could take a pretty picture of it all, but I couldn't help it--my tastebuds were dying for a taste. In fact, this is all I have photos of because I never got around to the rest of them...
But back to those Sweet Georgia Browns. They're basically salted, roasted pecans, topped with caramel and then a dollop of milk chocolate. If you're a sweet-salty fanatic like I am, this is for you, trust me! And after I quickly devoured half my box of SGBs, I left the rest of them in Sean's car and then his mom ate the rest :( I don't really blame her...they are THAT good. And this coming from me, an almost non-existent chocolate fan. The SGBs are great because they hardly contain any chocolate.

But recently I was at Upper Canada Mall (isn't that place the greatest) and came across yet another Purdy's Chocolates (I didn't even know there was one there!) and just had to buy some more Sweet Georgia Browns. Heck, if you bought $15 worth of chocolate, you got a free 2-pack of SGBs...how could I say no?


Seanington said...


Dominique said...

It was yummy! I had to SAVOUR!! And it was only August when I finished it, just one month.

Seanington said...

that thing WAS pretty damn good. why not go out and buy a jersey milk bar and fry up some bacon and just stack em up and eat em?

Dominique said...

Jersey Milk Bar? You're comparing Vosges Haut Chocolat to Jersey Milk? How dare you!