October 20, 2009


Today is my oldest brother's birthday and in celebration, the entire family went out to eat at this great Mediterrean restaurant that the birthday boy and I, had not had the joy to experience before tonight.

There were many good eats tonight. Too many in fact. But I was warned about tonight's dinner so I kept the rest of my food on the very light side.

Breakfast (around 8:30, on the drive to work)(My dad was driving, silly!) Organic instant maple oatmeal with 3/4 banana and chocolate PB. Cacao nibs were left at work :( And 3/4 of a banana was waaay too much banana for my liking. I am sticking to 1/2 next time.

Snack bento (around noon)
Triscuit crackers, brie, grapes, dates stuffed with 1/4 pecan and chocolate PB. I also had a star-shaped fudge baby but it was not consumed :( Oh and watermelon.

Lunch (around 1:30): salad of baby spinach, pecans, grapes, brie...unpictured. I seem to have lost this photo.

More snack time (around 4pm): watermelon, not pictured.

By 5pm I was absolutely starving and asked my dad to bring me an apple on his way to pick me up. It's a good thing I did because I don't think I would have been able to last until 7:30, when salad was finally being served.

Here's the salad:
Mixed greens, carrots, cucumber, tomato (which I picked out and gave to my brother) and spiralized beets. Totally awesome but I didn't finish it. At this point I was already starting to feel full!

Humus and grilled mushrooms with grilled pita bread. So freakin' good. This totally blew my mind. It's probably because I love mushrooms. Ah, so good.

Entree:Lamb chops with a side of rice. The rice is unpictured. It would have just looked like a plate of white.

And here was my plate portion:
I cannot begin to tell you how good these lamb chops were. Several years back I stopped eating lamb because I could not get over how cute lamb were in person. After one visit to a Hakka restaurant for their lamb kebabs (which my brother and dad insisted I have a taste of), I fell off that wagon. These lamb chops though, this is the reason I could never be a vegetarian. Seriously, this are amazing. Despite feeling the want to over indulge because my tastebuds wanted more, more, more, I stopped at one lamb chop and saved the rest for tomorrow's lunch and dinner at work (I'm working a 12-hour shift). The rice was also an excellent accompaniment to the chops. It was a lightly seasoned basmati rice....mmm.

The rest of the evening was spent grazing on the birthday boy's fries and consuming a little bit more humus and grilled mushrooms which I later paid for with a visit to the porcelain bowl. Not fun.

Some cod liver oil, an apple and a slice of strawberry shortcake later, I am SO ready for bed.

Happy birthday David!

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