October 18, 2009


I've been suffering from a migraine since Thursday. It hasn't been fun. Yesterday was the peak and it was terrible.

I ran out of Nature's Path Optimum Slim cereal recently. I loved that stuff. I ate it with cereal; I ate it with yogurt. I finished eating it and wanted to eat more even though I knew its fibre content would be enough to keep me full for hours. Anyway, I was too cheap to pay $7 for another box (I originally bought it when it was on sale for $3) so instead I opted for Weetabix Alpen cereal and let me tell you, it is NO substitute for the OS. The Alpen is sugar and salt-free so maybe I can pass it onto my dad, hee hee.

Onto food...

Today's breakfast was supposed to be today's work snacks. Triscuit whole grain crackers, brie cheese, pecans, grapes and apple crisp. I ate everything except for some pecans and grapes. I ate those later in the day along with some leftover watermelon cubes.Lunch was mom's stir-fried vermicelli noodles with carrots, Iceberg lettuce (??) and sliced pork (??).I'm really not sure about the lettuce or pork. I really don't think it's cabbage but lettuce? In a noodle stir-fry? It tasted good though. The pork was a little sketchy. I didn't eat my entire bowl. Instead I ate half and then ate this Red Delicious:Tonight's dinner involved a few different things. As an "appetizer" I had some liver and onions. I know, gross! But my parents have me digesting all kinds of stuff in an effort to boost my immune system. In addition to the below (I swear there's a piece of liver there somewhere), I'm taking cod liver oil which I remember from my childhood and it still tastes as bad as it did back then. Anyway, my liver and onions and is actually onions with a bit of liver because this is the only way I'll eat liver. I hate that stuff. I take after my dad who just flat out refuses to eat it but because I know it's (probably) good for me, I'll consume it with copious amounts of caramelized onions.

And after that I was too full to actually eat dinner so I decided to make dessert instead! I meant to follow this recipe from Chocolate-Covered Katie, however, my reading skills weren't on par today and so I kind of botched the measurements. This is what my Fudge Babies looked like:And here's the recipe...
Star-shaped Fudge Babies
  • 61g raw cashews
  • 13 dates (pits removed)
  • 6g cocoa powder
Put all ingredients into a blender (Magic Bullet, what-have-you) and blend until well blended (hahaha). Shape into stars or whatever shape your onigiri maker is, hahaha. I know my humour is a little bit ridiculous today. Here's my onigiri maker and I used the star-shape because it was the smallest of the three.But honestly, I don't know how they taste because, just before I decided to whip those up (which took no time by the way), I ate a few dates filled with 1/4 pecan and some chocolate PB and now my stomach is mega full.But beet salad is on the menu for today's dinner and I'm one of the only people I know in real life who gets to eat fresh beets, so I don't know whether I'm going to be able to say no to that. I might have it along with some baby spinach and call it a night. Of eats anyway. In fact, I think I might make that for lunch tomorrow...spinach and beet salad with some liver and onion. It doesn't sound awesome but it'll taste pretty good.


Okay well here is tonight's dinner:And as is always the case, my eyes are bigger than my stomach so I will probably only end up eating half of this. After that it's time for Desperate Housewives-watching with my mom, a shower and bedtime.