October 17, 2009


Has it been this long again? Well, last weekend I had a stomach infection so I think that's a worthy excuse not to post on a mainly food blog, don't you? The stomach infection was not fun. In fact, I didn't even know you could get stomach infections! But my trusty (second) doctor prescribed me some (probably) extremely strong antibiotics and five days later, I was almost good as new! The weekend was full of congee and so no photos were taken because a bowl full of white isn't really that interesting.

What is interesting is Thanksgiving dinner! Sucks to you Americans who have to wait, what, another six weeks to enjoy a plump, juicy turkey? (Just kidding!) Of course, our Thanksgiving was this past Monday but whatever. Moving along...I LOVE turkey. I love turkey so much that it should probably be outlawed. And after enjoying my Thanksgiving dinner complete with roast potatoes, stuffing, green beans, corn and brown rice, I fell asleep on the sofa for 30 minutes and then made my way up to my bed for another 90 minutes. After that I woke up, packed leftovers for my lunch today and then slept until this morning. Geez, tryptophan, what are you doing to me?? (Just kidding! I probably just really needed all that sleep.) Plus, my stomach was still on the mend so I opted to take the smart route and stick to incredibly small portions of everything.

My food photos are few and far between because I don't get a chance to take a photo of them at work anymore. I used to take photos of my food while at work, just before I went on my lunch break, but nowadays it's so busy that I don't get my usual lunch break and so an hour and a half later, the last thing I want to do is take a photo of my food when I could just be eating it. It's sad but true. Honestly, most of the time it's because I forget! I'm just too hungry!!

I also haven't been very food-motivated since the stomach infection. My stomach still feels like it's on the mend. I just don't know what to do at this point. I feel like there is so much I can't eat, it's becoming kind of hard. I miss shellfish because I love oysters and scallops. I hate eating out because a) I don't know what the heck is in the food, b) it's too salty and c) I never know whether there's going to be a shrimp that will be offend me. More often than not, when dining in a Chinese restaurant, there's going to be something that involves shellfish (usually shrimp) and right now I don't know if they'd (the waitresses) understand when I tell them that I'm allergic to shellfish and cannot have any of my food contaminated. It's become quite a pain in the ass. I feel like the only places I can eat, places which will respect my allergies, are the expensive restaurants in the city and we all know that I can't afford them right now. It's just not a good time for indulgence.

As of late though, this is what I've been eating...
Breakfast at home on Wednesday morning (yay for days off!) consisted of plain lactose-free yogurt, some cereal (I can't remember the type), ground flaxseed and have a Pita Break breakfast muesli pita.
What might have been the offending pasta salad (which gave me a stomach infection)...
Catelli Smart macaroni with broccoli florets, red pepper and zucchini. Again dressed with olive oil, salt, pepper and lots of lemon juice. I'm thinking it might actually be the lemon juice. Actually, I don't really know. I honestly think it was the pork bone soup that I, along with my co-worker who also got sick, had, but the doctor couldn't confirm anything.

Afternoon snack of Triscuit whole grain crackers and brie cheese:

And this is what I've been baking...
Baking with Jessie last week included these mini Oreo cheesecakes
and chocolate chip cookies:Both recipes were from Martha Stewart's Cupcakes and Cookies recipe book. Both turned out perfectly. The cheesecakes were incredibly good considering that I don't even like cheesecake. (It's often too rich and too sweet for my taste.)

I also made apple crisp made earlier today. It contains five Golden Delicious and one Red Delicious. I can't remember where the recipe came from (I just googled "best apple crisp recipe" and chose once since they were all basically the same) but next time I would cut the amount of brown sugar for the crisp topping. It's still mighty delicious. Too bad I don't have any vanilla ice cream to serve along with it. Photo to be added later.

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