July 4, 2010


Sometimes it's hard to eat food served by other people. Sometimes I don't know what it is a dish made by someone else or sometimes it's just downright boring. I know that sounds kind of cruel but look at the evidence:The lack of colours (ie: veggies) was rather dismal and very disconcerting to me so I spent about 5 minutes chopping up just about every veggie in the fridge and stir-frying them up. Five minutes later I had a giant bowl of this:
Noodles and beef + veggies =
What an improvement, don't you think? I used mushrooms, cucumber, tomatoes and an orange bell pepper. The addition of veggies with the penne and sliced beef made the meal so much better. Now I had some veggies in my life and we all know, I enjoy my veggies!

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