July 9, 2010


Sean and I, being the fun-loving couple that we are, decided to test my luck at eharmony.ca. For those of you not in the know, eHarmony is an online dating service for singles wanting to find singles for long-term relationships--or something like that. The advertisements boast about being able to find you your long-term partner and show couples who met on a specific date and then got married just a year or two later.

A little background info though: a while back, Sean was at his friend, Corey's house, when they saw an advertisement on TV for eHarmony's online dating services. Sean and I were at a good place in our relationship but eHarmony guaranteed being able to find you a compatible match based on a number of factors, so Sean and Corey decided to put eHarmony to work. I have no idea what happened to Corey but Sean had no luck. According to Sean's answers, eHarmony could not find any suitable matches. I would have been furious at the idea of Sean looking for potential mates but was actually rather amused by the fact that eHarmony couldn't find anyone compatible for him. To be honest, it didn't really surprise me; Sean's a fickle person.

And so, this past week, with the AC running and the eHarmony ad once again plastered across the TV, Sean suggested I try filling out the survey. So off we went onto the good ol' internetz and filled out what ended up being a ridiculously long survey. I answered that thing as honestly as I could (with Sean's help at parts I wasn't sure about) and lo and behold, this is what eHarmony told me:Can you believe it? eHarmony couldn't find any matches for me either! I was actually really shocked! I thought there would be at least one person who would someday take Sean's place when either a) I got tired of him or b) he croaked early. (I kid, I kid.) Seriously though, not one match? C'est impossible!

My time was at least somewhat well-spent because they did hook me up with a free Personality Profile, which was highly contradictory and amused Sean and I for quite some time. The only thing they got right was that I am an introvert. Big whoop!

Anyway, I guess that since Sean and I both couldn't find any matches on eHarmony.ca, we're positively made for each other. WAHOO!

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