July 26, 2010


It probably comes as no surprise that I don't eat a lot of bread. For one thing, I'd rather consume my carbs in the form of noodles. Secondly, white bread just doesn't do it for me. Thirdly, I can only eat nitrite/nitrate-free deli meat. So yeah, unless I'm having some high-end gourmet deli sandwich (that costs around $9 and I've made it myself), the chances of me showing you sliced bread on this blog is slim to none.

But now I take that all back because look at all the bread I bought in the span of less than 72 hours. I present to you Stonemill Cranberry Pumpkin Seed:Longo's Artisan White Baguette:and finally, Longo's Semolina Raisin:The latter ended up being my fave and the most costly. Le sigh. I totally picked up that bread without knowing the cost. You just ask for it from behind the counter and the Longo's employee can slice it for you and then places it within the priced bag. Oops!

My favourite way to indulge in these three breads is as follows:
  1. Stonemill Cranberry Pumpkin seed - with Earth Balance (preferably soy-free but I haven't been able to find it so I'm slowly using up the Buttery flavour) or with Dark Chocolate Dreams (mmm....chocolate peanut butter)
  2. Artisan Baguette - basically the same as above or with fresh basil, goat cheese, prosciutto and sauteed grapes. It sounds weird but is SO good. Plus, it was a hit at a condo-warming party Sean and I attended this past weekend.
  3. Semolina Raisin - plain, with Earth Balance or with DCD. Seriously this raisin bread rocks my world but I think I just love raisin bread in general.
Anyway, I should probably go update the rest o' this blog (ie: food recaps and what I did this weekend) rather than go stuff my face with two more slices of Cranberry Pumpkin Seed bread with Dark Chocolate Dreams. It probably wasn't the smartest idea to buy another jar of that crack. Er, I mean peanut buttery goodness.

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