July 9, 2010


Lunch on Tuesday was epic! It featured a bunch of stuff from Longo's' (is that one too many apostrophes? Where do I put that last one?) salad bar plus a bunch of fruit:and some more fruit, including frozen grapes at the bottom:Let's take a close-up of that cold salad bar container:
You can't really see what's going on in there but there's a couscous salad (with corn, red peppers, red onions and some other stuff), fake crabmeat salad (that I mixed with plain crabmeat since it was dressing overload), romaine lettuce with some croutons, a few strawberries, a mango, some pasta salad (penne, feta, red peppers, some other stuff) and a chopped up beef burger from a local farmer that I picked up at the Stouffville farmer's market. The burger is hormone- and antibiotic-free and grass-fed. Yay for healthy beef!

Tuesday night I headed off to Sean's but not before stopping off at a new-to-us restaurant for dinner. Suggested by Janice during our brunch on Saturday morning at Cora's, we stopped by Xin Jiang Restaurant for their western Chinese food. Sean and I scanned the large menu and went with a couple of Janice's suggestions and a handmade noodle with beef dish ($7.99). Unfortunately no photos because I left my camera at home and I knew my iPhone wasn't going to cut it. We ended up ordering a lamb skewer for each of us ($1.60 each) plus a lamb dish that came with these fried naan (crouton-like) things and veg (onions and red/green peppers, $9.99). The dish was seasoned with lots of cumin and was really delicious. There was even enough for me to take leftovers of each of our larger dishes home.
7th...Wednesday (day 3 of dreaded heat wave; I had had enough already)
Lunch was a mixture of leftovers and whatever cold produce I could find in the fridge. In the fruit container I had pineapple slices, blueberries (used for second breakfast oatmeal consumption), grapes and cherries). In the veg container was cucumber sticks, baby carrots (yeah, we're back with those again) and red/orange pepper strips. At the very bottom left is leftovers from last night's dinner with Sean. It tasted just as good or even better than the night of.Delish!
Moving right into lunch on Saturday, I had a small bowl of vermicelli noodles with pork and veggies:Followed by a half an apricot a couple hours later:What's so special about this apricot you ask? Well it's from my backyard! Yep, apricots are ready early this year. I remember almost a decade ago they weren't ready until August! This season's produce has been super early...I should have known that with the early fiddleheads back in April. A few hours later I consumed a bowl of cherries, sadly, not from my backyard:And I have no clue what dinner was. I do remember eating this blueberry-banana yogurt pop because I have evidence of it:Yay for photos!
Lunch was pasta salad. It contained Catelli Smart macaroni, cucumber, garlic scapes, romano beans (because I didn't have black or navy beans), canned corn kernels and canned salmon.I also had more veggies on the side including baby carrots and red pepper strips, along with green grapes and cherries:
and strawberries:===
Lunch on Tuesday was more pasta salad but this time, I had variety! It was rotini pasta with king oyster mushrooms, red peppers, cucumbers, garlic scapes and that's about it. Along with the strawberries that I had for second breakfast with my oatmeal and the grapes and cherries that I had with my lunch, it would have been a perfect vegan morning had it not been for the small container of honey lavender ice cream you see in the bottom right corner: Hehehe, I brought my own ice cream to cook. That's the best perk of working 5 minutes away from home. Now do I really have to move out? Uh, yes.

I had some leftover pizza at Sean's house (pepperoni, mushrooms, garlic from the Pizza "Nazi") since we spent the early part of the evening at the mall getting summer-ready clothes. The pizza was totally awesome. It was thinly-sliced mushrooms galore! And with minced garlic! I could not have been happier. Well, actually...it would have been awesome-r if I could have heated my slice in a toaster oven instead of the microwave but Sean doesn't have one. Boo-urns to that. His family really needs to get with the program.
Lunch was a lot of food. I brought it all along just in case I needed it all but I didn't. In the left container I had last night's dinner (from my house) which was baked salmon with veggie stir-fry (zucchini, portobello mushrooms, red/orange peppers). At the top I have more pasta salad and for fruit I had strawberries, cherries and green grapes hiding at the bottom:===
I'm not going to be ashamed...I had half a honey lavender ice cream sandwich for first breakfast. It was hot outside and I felt like it! Second breakfast was the usual oatmeal. Lunch was more pasta salad (no need for another photo) along with more grapes, cherries, strawberries and cantaloupe--the latter of which I forgot to take a pic of. Nothing new but at least I didn't have to cook anything for three days. Score!

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