April 28, 2009


I made a watermelon salad today. I am eating it right now. It's rocking the pants off my tastebuds. My glutton for sweet-and-salty-but-healthy combos has reached its climax. Sex or watermelon salad? I don't know...tough choice. Seriously.

Rock-The-Pants-Off-Your-Tastebuds Watermelon Salad:
- cubed watermelon (I bought some pre-cut watermelon but like...1/4 of a watermelon should do)
- dried pineapple slices (I bought some pre-packaged, boo, but they're all-natural so I couldn't resist)
- 4 large leaves basil, finely sliced
- couple of glugs of olive oil
- salt, to taste
- pepper, to taste
- a little bit of feta cheese (optional)

Mix all that goodness together and you've got the best salad ever!

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