April 12, 2009


These are this week's past bentos:

First up is a whole wheat bagel with organic elk deli meat with mustard, baby spinach and sliced cucumbers; for extra protein there's an omelette with onions and more chopped spinach and an apple.
The next day was kind of a sad lunch by the looks of it but I really enjoyed it. It contained a large caesar salad with two hard-boiled eggs and a bunch of baby carrots:

This next meal was kind of a mish-mash of various things I had around the house. Mains are homemade mac 'n cheese (courtesy of Pappie) with two leftover pork dumplings. For veg and fruit (and some much-needed colour), we've got grapes, baby carrots and 3 kiwis, peeled and cubed. Yummy!
Lastly I've got some more leftover mac 'n cheese with some baked salmon (which I topped with salt, pepper and lemon slices). Along for the lunch ride are more grapes, baby carrots and a Babybel Light:
Overall it was a good week of bento'ing but I think those pork dumplings left me with a bit of migraine which lasted until this morning. Thanks to my friends who created Zomig to help with that issue.

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