April 19, 2009


And I have asthma! It took Sean and I 40 minutes and 36 seconds and 40 minutes and 38 seconds respectively to complete the 1776-step climb to the top. And when they say it's 144 flights of stairs, they actually kind of lie because once you reach that 143 flight, you take a series of more flights of stairs (labels S1, S2, S3 and so on) until you actually reach the top.

Below is me and my t-shirt front and back. It wasn't taken the day of the race because Sean and I were too hungry to care about taking photos. That's so not like me, I know, but nowadays my stomach kind of rules my life.That time seems really slow and it probably is considering there was a total of approximately 4100 climbers and Sean and I were in the 3900s, but whatever, I have asthma and I used my puffer more than I should have and hey, I finished the climb without passing out! Yay for me!!

Words of advice for those thinking about taking on the CN Tower next year:
- do NOT go pee before the climb. You will need whatever liquid you have stored in you, trust me. You do get water once you get to the top but it's the Dasani brand and it contains salt. Yuck!
- EAT! I didn't eat the sunnyside-up eggs and toast that my Dad made for me that morning and I REALLY regretted it later on. I normally eat every 2-3 so waiting about five hours for my next meal was pretty much torture.

That's all I've got for now. I'm pretty darn proud of myself. I'm glad I was able to raise $410 for the WWF Canada. It was certainly a lot more than I had thought I'd raise and considering that I raised all that in three days, I know that next year I'll be able to raise a lot more.

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