April 19, 2009


Bentos of the week:

This bento was half-eaten by the time I remembered to take a pic of it, oops! I have a mix of greens, macaroni and my dad's tomato beef sauce (it's my absolute fave tomato sauce), dad's Creole cucumber salad, mini carrots, a Babybel Light and some strawberries:

This bento is a mix of yummy Easter dinner leftovers. It includes slices of leg of lamb, roasted onions slices, mini carrots and a couple slices of whole wheat baguette. In the bottom container and to the side there is roasted potatoes, corn, Creole salad, a pear and a Babybel Light:
I usually make my bentos the night before and sometimes when I'm out with Sean, I come home late and then put something together really quick so I don't have to buy lunch the next day. The meal below wasn't one of those nights. I had just finished dinner and was feeling lazy and decided to make a bento full of frozen goods. What resulted is organic chicken fingers, mini carrots, pea ravioli and romaine lettuce.
This is a total leftover bento. Within the bento is leftover steak slices, rice, brussel sprouts and broccoli. To the right is a mix of greens and a Babybel Light.
And that's it! More to come later...

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