June 3, 2010


I've been away for the past few days. It wasn't intentional. It just happens when Sean has time off. I'm also really behind--again! What else is new, right? I've been eating good stuff though so let's take a look at it all:

Who knows what the heck was for first breakfast. Take a wild guess as to whether it included a strawberry cinnamon muffin or a glass of milk or a banana and you'd probably be right as either one of those. Second breakfast was, you guessed it...oatmeal! Lunch was more exciting. First up, cucumber mint soup from Whole Living but actually prefer this recipe from Martha Stewart better:Next up was carrot sticks and cucumber slices with olive hummus:Along with a sandwich thin with leftover thinly-sliced steak:Fruits included strawberries:
Once at home I dove into a bowl of grapes and peaches while making myself some pasta to go with dinner:
Eventually my dinner was ready. I had rigatoni with free-range chicken, tomatoes, asparagus and mushrooms:It was excelllent! It was so excellent that the third "l" is really necessary. I'm going to be sad when the asparagus from the garden is gone. It will be a sad day in my house.

Thank goodness it was Friday. I was so looking forward to hanging out with Sean after work so the entire time I was at work, I just couldn't wait for it to be over. Sucks that I had to work an extra 45 minutes!! First breakfast was a raspberry cinnamon muffin:Second breakfast was the usual oatmeal which you've seen like 35 times already. Lunch wasn't much more exciting because it involved a lot of leftovers. Cucumber mint soup:With olive hummus with cucumber slices and carrot sticks:And leftover rigatoni with asparagus, mushrooms and free-range chicken:And least the fruits were new! Fruits included watermelon:and frozen grapes and strawberries that had de-frosted by the time lunch rolled around at 2:30pm:Dinner of course, was pizza at the Unionville Pizza Co. which I already blogged about, which included the epic fail cupcake from Old Firehall Confectionery.

Saturday started off with lunch. I skipped breakfast entirely because I woke up and just started running errands. I don't typically eat oatmeal on the weekends anyway (as you may have noticed). Lunch was a spaghetti stir-fry of sorts:In my bowl of spaghetti was sliced beef, mushrooms, iceberg lettuce and green beans. It's kind of what you get when your mom decides to empty out the fridge of some of the older produce.

My next snack was not until five hours later when I noshed on a curry samosa. Then dinner was an hour later. I had half of the following rice with dried sausage and pork belly with broccoli:

I gave the rest to Sean to take to work with him as a "thank you" for bringing me new cat food in lieu of the contaminated cat food we had. That was quite the ordeal. Dessert was a bowl of cherries:Dessert #2 was an oatmeal strawberry muffin with a mug of milk:And then snack #139 was a sandwich thin with goat cheese, dill and smoked salmon:


Sunday morning started off with a late breakfast. I had half a sandwich thin with a thin spread of goat cheese, lots of dried dill and a slice of smoked salmon:

along with a bowl full of watermelon:
Closer to dinnertime I decided to have some water with verbena and watermelon while my dinner was cooking away:

Dinner was salmon en papillote. I couldn't find a recipe that I really wanted to follow so I kind of just made up my own. In my parchment went some butter, a salmon fillet topped with sliced black olives, diced tomato, cucumbers, salt, pepper, lemon juice and sliced lemons. On the side I had roasted veggies (mushrooms, zucchini, red pepper and potatoes):

It was freakin' delicious!

Lunch on the last day of the month was leftovers:along with cucumber mint soup:and strawberries and watermelon:I spent the evening at Sean's house and we decided to have homemade pizza for dinner. Sean made the dough while I was at work so after he picked me up and headed back to his place, all we had to do was roll out the dough and top it off. Here's our dough ready for its toppings:
With cheese:The initial plan was to follow Smitten Kitchen's recipe for shaved asparagus pizza but Sean and I couldn't locate the asparagus in my backyard so we improvised instead. I started topping my half with prosciutto:While Sean was cooking up some homemade lardons:
Here's our pizza ready for the oven:After 10 minutes at 500F:It was really delicious. The homemade crust was fantastic even though we didn't activate our yeast properly. Sean's half with the lardons was the winner of the evening. I was jealous but didn't want to take any chances with the pink salt in his bacon.

Sadly the next few days only feature lunch photos but since that's how my initial bento blogging (on Facebook) started anyway, I'll still post them. I had a sandwich thin with roasted zucchini and eggplant with prosciutto:along with watermelon:and strawberries, pear and grapes:===

Lunch was a couple of leftover pepperoni pizza slices from Pizza Pizza (certainly not as awesome as the homemade pizza Sean and I made the night before) along with leftover roasted zucchini and eggplant:along with pineapple:
and the same sad fruits from the day before (strawberries, pear and grapes):===

Hey, look, I've got a breakfast photo! This is something that Sean made from his Irish cookbook. I can't remember name of it but it's oats cooked with onions and his homemade bacon:For lunch I had a leftover slice of pep pizza and a sandwich thin with prosciutto and roast zucchini and eggplant:
Fruits included pineapple:
and watermelon:Tonight's dinner was shaved asparagus pizza which you'll soon see.

And look at that, I'm finally caught up. Whew, I'm spent!

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