June 19, 2010


Wow, so behind! Let's begin...

4th...Friday (I can't believe I'm more than two weeks behind!)
Lunch was leftover shaved asparagus pizza:along with watermelonand blueberries, cherries and pineapple:===
No food photos from Saturday because I spent all evening making sugar flowers.
No photo Sunday, continued making sugar flowers
Lunch was homemade pizza with shaved asparagus, lardons and mushrooms. So freakin' good! Along with salad from the garden:
and blueberries and cherries:Dinner was 'You're So Cheezy' Savoury Oats, recipe courtesy of Angela from Oh She Glows. I made a few tweaks, excluding the bouillon cube (I never have those in my house) and using organic vegetable stock instead of water. I also didn't have the "little black dress of seasonings" so I used dried thyme, oregano and something else I can't remember now. As you can see, I topped mine off with Mary's Crackers and sauteed broccoli.

It was delicious but I couldn't finish it all:
I also had a big salad and a couple slices of pizza four hours later:

Lunch was a couple leftover fried organic drumsticks:along with Catelli Smart macaroni with dad's tomato sauce and broccoli:Fruit consisted of blueberries, cherries and strawberries, aka Trifecta of Antioxidants.===
No photo Wednesday. Actually, I forgot to take photos of my lunch because I was running late for work but never fear, because lunch the next day was the exact same.
Lunch was a sandwich thin with goat cheese, TONS of dried dill and a slice of smoked salmon:along with watermelon:
and the Trifecta again:===
Friday was wedding cupcake day. Food was consumed, I just don't have any photos of it. Consumed was a subpar Montreal smoked meat sandwich from Montreal Steames in Oshawa along with fries (that were shared with Sean) and a Coke. I also had some watermelon, several tastings of buttercream and whipped chocolate ganache, cupcake bits here and there. Later in the evening, at Sean's house, Sean attempted to make this Irish eel dish consisting of fresh eel, lardons and onions:It was way too fishy for my taste so I let Sean eat it. I grabbed a Caesar salad at the local grocery store and we headed to Corey and Bryanne's house and watched The Road.
No photo Saturday. I wanted to relax after the wedding cupcake aftermath.
I only have two photos, showing the same thing but they're worth it. Check out my new bowl:

If you guessed that that's Barbamama from Barbapapa, you're right! But no prize for you, sorry. You can only imagine how excited I was to see a bunch of Barbapapa bowls and mugs (plus a placemat and scale) at Magic Pony in Toronto. Way too excited and way too expensive to buy everything so I settled on a bowl and a mug (Barbapapa himself).

I spent the rest of the day with Sean. We headed into the city to grab a couple of grilled cheese sandwiches from The Grilled Cheese in Kensington Market (I can't remember what I had but it came with roasted red peppers, red onions and mushrooms and Sean had the Dill-Licious) and then dumplings from Mother's Dumplings nearby. Sean and I split an order of boiled pork and chive dumplings as well as an order of steamed pork and pickled cabbage (whole wheat wrappers). We both preferred the pork and chive ones more. Both meals were good but eating only half my sandwich would have been a better option since I left Mother's Dumplings feeling totally and utterly stuffed!
Lunch was quickly made in the morning: scrambled eggs with lardons and mushrooms and a sandwich thin (unpictured):along with watermelon:and cherries and blueberries:Dinner was steamed chicken with basmati and green beans:Can I just say that I hate my dad's green beans? He uses so much oil to cook them. It's extra virgin olive oil but still! We go through so many bottles of that stuff, it's ridiculous!
After dinner I made pretzels. Check 'em out:

First breakfast was who-knows-what but second breakfast was instant oatmeal, as per usual, but I thought I'd include a photo since I haven't done so in a while:Hahhaa, all done! Lunch was the same egg scramble from the previous day but with two pretzels instead of the sandwich thin:The same fruit came along for the ride, watermelon:and blueberries and cherries:Dinner was egg thread and asparagus soup with broken up pieces of Catelli Smart spaghetti:along with a couple of baked free-range chicken wings from The Meat Market in Stouffville that Sean picked up for me the night before:===
The day started off with a pretzel:And then lunch came along and I had a whole lotta leftovers! First up was leftover egg thread and asparagus soup with a couple of pretzels:

along with leftover wings:
Fruits included cherries and blueberries:And of course, what you've all been patiently waiting for--my Barbapapa mug...Ain't he cute? I think it's great that he's pink and the dad, while Barbamama is black and the mom. That's Starbucks' Refresh tea inside my mug. I was drinking the tea because I had a major migraine (the first in almost four weeks) and I thought it would help. Shortly after that mug o' tea, I went to bed and fell asleep for 11.5 hours.
The day started off with another pretzel, this time one coated with dried dill:Second breakfast was my best oatmeal combination yet, instant oats (with ground flax, chia seeds and Lindt sea salt) but also with strawberries and fresh mint:Seriously, best combo ever! There's a woman who brings fresh mint to work sometimes and I broke up several springs, wrung them together a bit and then tore them into small pieces.
Lunch was mushroom and Catelli Smart broken spaghetti soup (we were out of eggs) along with more leftover wings:
and watermelon:and strawberries and cherries:===
No photo Friday! I can't really remember a lot about Friday except that pre-dinner at my house involved some watermelon and a couple golden kiwis. Real dinner was pho with Sean.
Get ready for lots of pics! I took photos of everything I consumed today except for one pretzel and a carton of Vita Coco pineapple. Here's my breakfast...get ready for awesomeness. I braved the 31C temperature to bust out some oatmeal just so that I could use this:

That's right...it's a panda mug! And guess what...

the little panda peeking out is actually a spoon! So ZOMG cute! I couldn't stand it and neither could Sean because he's the one who bought it for me at Magic Pony last weekend. Lunch was courtesy of my mom: rice noodles with shredded carrots and pork:

After lunch, my parents and I checked out the pavement at Shops at Don Mills (we want similar pavement for our driveway and back patio and want to see how it is in real life) and I went on a small shopping spree at Anthropologie. All kitchenware of course, including two aprons which will be showcased in the future.

Dinner features most of the stuff I bought at Anthro: Strongbow (hard cider), chicken in red rice soup, basmati and chinese broccoli:
Close-up of the bowl I bought:

Plus the drinking glass. I really like it because it's opaque at the top and transparent at the bottom:
About an hour later I decided to indulge for dessert and had a small serving of Coldstone Creamery's Coffee Lover's Only in my new mug (another Anthro purchase):

I got Sean a similar mug with his initial but in a larger and less feminine version.

And that's it. Phew! I can't believe I just went through more than two weeks' worth of food. Well almost. I know there were quite a few dinner shots missing. Let's hope a back-up like that doesn't happen anytime soon.


RudePrincess said...

I love all your fancy new bowls and mugs. Makes the photos that much more entertaining!

I have definitely never had eel. I don't think I even know anyone that has ever cooked eel. Or attempted to cook eel. Or eaten eel. Or attempted to eaten eel. Just seems like such a random sea animal to cook. Does eel qualify as an actual fish? I guess they must have gills somewhere but I've never studied them too closely.

I like all your fruit photos. I have been having so much fruit lately it is actually rather ridiculous. But with all the other crappy foods I have been eating this week, it's definitely needed to avoid putting on 10 pounds!

That you're so cheesy recipe scares me. It doesn't look like anything I have had before. Apparently your blog is full of things I have never had before. LoL. I either need to get out more or you need to start cooking for me!

RudePrincess said...

Oh I forgot about the pizza. Does your homemade pizza include homemade pizza dough? If so, which recipe?

Dominique said...

Yeah, eel was kind of weird. I don't know that I'd eat it outside of a restaurant again. Or without a lot of seasoning. Sean's dish was very "eel-y" tasting. Too fishy for me.

Fruits are good for the summer. They're an easy "filler" food. They're my go-to dessert and usually satisfy my sweet tooth, not that I really have much of one.

That "You're So Cheesy" recipe scared me too initially. Actually, oatmeal for breakfast scared me but then I realized it could keep me full for four hours so I had no choice but to take a liking to it. It helps when you add things like chocolate, mint and strawberries. Savoury oatmeal was a weird thing to get used to but it cooks down and the texture is nothing like oatmeal so it was easy to get used to.

I'll definitely cook for you sometime. I love cooking but I have no one to feed most of the time :(