June 19, 2010


And just because they took forever to make, here's way more shots than you probably ever expected.

The casualties that never made it to the wedding (there were more but these ones made it out for the shoot):I kind of love the aerial shots (if you haven't noticed already).

And a shoot with flowers...the strawberry and toasted coconut with vanilla bean and coconut rum buttercream:
The double fudge chocolate filled with dulce de leche with whipped dark chocolate Kahlua ganache:
And a couple sans flowers. The double chocolate fudge:and strawberry and toasted coconut:I have to admit that I totally stole the two best cupcakes from the cupcakes boxes as I was piping them. As I was piping, I pointed and told Sean that I wanted to keep those ones but he was all "keep piping!" Then when he wasn't looking, I swiped the two best-looking piped ones and kept them to photograph later, mwuahaha.

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