June 27, 2010


A recent search on Etsy with my name came up with some really intriguing results. I usually do a "Dominique" search every once in a while to see what people decide to bestow my name upon. Eventually I started noticing a pattern with chickens and so I Googled "Dominique chickens" and can you believe my parents named me after a variety of chicken?I have to admit, I'm kind of pretty. Check out the Wiki entry to learn all about my chicken cousins and to see where the above photo came from. There's even a club dedicated to my feathered friends. You can check out the Dominique Club of America, here. Sweet!

Or perhaps my parents named me after that song 'Dominique' by Soeur Sourire, also known as the 'Singing Nun.' You really don't know how many times I've heard that song when I introduce myself or get introduced to someone new. Recently I had the pleasure of someone asking me if I was named after "that nun song" and flippantly said no and almost began rolling my eyes and telling the FedEx driver about how many times I've been asked that or sang that song to, but then he stopped me and told me that he asked because his sister in a nun. That's when my eyes stopped their pre-rolling. Good timing too. Funny enough, when Sean and I were in the early stages of our relationship, he picked up a vinyl copy of Soeur Sourire with Dominique on it. I still have it. I'll take a pic of the record and post it here. It's pretty funny. What's also funny is the use of my name in the movie Mermaids featuring Cher, as well as an episode of The Simpsons.

Maybe my parents named me after this band. Or, no wait. These people clearly named themselves after me. So obviously I am a band, cool! You can find me here. My band consists of six members, both male and female, one of whom is named Dominic. I've even got three albums released that I didn't even know about--crazy! Check out what I look like (photos courtesy of their website):

Interesting, right? I think I'm from Germany but I'm not entirely sure. I missed checking myself perform at the end of June in Berlin, shucks.

So whaddaya think? What did my parents name me after? I'm going with the chicken. Well, I believe this has been a fair amount of wasted time on the internet. What about you? What did your parents name you after?

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